Shikimic Acid



Extract: grape seed

Product Status: reddish brown powder

Particle size: 100 mesh

Extraction solvent: water - ethanol

Product Specification: 95% Procyanidins, 85% Oligomeric Procyanidins, 90% Polyphenol

Detection: UV

Main components: the procyanidins of procyanidins ① is a new highly efficient antioxidant, is found in the far the most potent free radical scavenger, one has a very strong activity in vivo, and rapidly absorbed completely. The experiment proved that the OPC anti-free radical capacity is 50 times that of vitamin E, vitamin C 20 times. And rapidly absorbed, oral administration of 20 minutes to reach the highest blood concentration, metabolic half-life of up to seven hours long. (2) to reduce the risk of the incidence of heart disease, cancer, premature aging, arthritis and other illnesses. (3) enhance the vascular wall resistance. ④ reduce the incidence of diabetes in danger. ⑤ enhance skin elasticity and smoothness, to prevent the radiation of the sun's rays on the skin damage and other effects.


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