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Bitter Melon Extract
【Product name】: Bitter Melon Extract

【Specification】: 10:1 to 100:1

【Packing】: 25kg/drum

【Introduction】: Bitter Melon Extract are believed to be responsible for the blood-sugar lowering actions that could potential benefit individuals with diabetes mellitus.

【Chemical ingredients】: charntin, insulin-like peptides, and alkaloids

【Physiological Functions 】:
1. The bitter melon includes the balsam pear multi-peptide class material has reduces the blood sugar fast the function, can prevent and improve diabetes’ complication, has the adjustment blood fats, enhances the immunity the function.
2. Bitter melon ’s Vitamin C content is very high, has the prevention scurvy, the protection cell membrane, heart functions and so on to prevent atherosclerosis, to sharpen organism stress ability, to protect heart.
3. In the bitter melon ’s effective component may suppress normal cell’s cancer and the promotion sudden change cell’s restoration, has certain antitumoral effect.
4. In the bitter melon ’s elaterin is honored as “the fat murderer”, can cause the ingestion the fat and the polysaccharide reduction.


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