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Materials Needed for Registration of New Products Related to Drinking Water1. Production capacity audit opinion issued by China provincial authority, including:· Application Form; · Audit result; · Product materials and formulation; · Description of the production process and diagrams; · Production equipment and testing equipment list; · Product labels (nameplate), brochure; · Health and safety compliance certification for the main materials which are in contact with water and may be hazardous to human; · Company quality standards; · Colorful photos of the product; · China local representative nomination letter (applicable for imported products); · Certificate (proof) issued by the country (area) of the manufacture for allowing production and sales in the country (area) (applicable for imported products); · Customs Declaration of the imported product samples (applicable for imported products);2. Research Report: · R&D background and the history; · Materials and Formulations (structure); · Description of the process technology and diagrams (new water treatment processes) · Safety-related test data; · The main technical parameters and related test data; · Application status at home country (area) and abroad; · Other materials helpful for the evaluation.3. Quality Standard4. Assessment method · Testing method · Safety Evaluation Method · Performance Evaluation Method5. Certificate (proof) issued by the country (area) of the manufacture for allowing production and sales in the country (area) (applicable for imported products).6. China local representative nomination letter (applicable for imported products).7. A product sample (photo for large-scale product).8. Product test reports;9. Other materials helpful for the evaluation.Example of test items (example as for protective materials):TypeUrushiolPolyamide  epoxy resinSiliconesPTFEEpoxy phenolicWater-based Modified  epoxy resinParting CoatNew SubstanceOthersColor√√√√√√√○To be determined based on caseTurbidity√√√√√√√○Odor√√√√√√√○Visible matter√√√√√√√○pH√√√√√√√○Total soluble solids√√√√√√√○Oxygen Consumption√√√√√√√○As√√√√√√√○Cd√√√√√√√○Cr6+√√√√√√√○Al√√√√√√√○Pb√√√√√√√○Hg√√√√√√√○Chloroform○○○○○○○○Volatile phenols√√√√√√√○Fe√★Zn√★Fluoride√√★CCl4○○○○○○○○formaldehyde√√√√★Epichlorohydrin○○○★Styrene○○○★Benzene○○○★TOC★GC/MS★ICP★Toxicity○○○○○○○○OthersDetermined according to specific conditions and needs★: maybe needed


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