Materials For Non-New Portable

Materials Needed for Registration of non-New Products Related to Drinking Water 1. Production capacity audit opinion issued by China provincial authority, including:Application Form;Audit result; Product materials and formulation;Description of the production process and diagrams;Production equipment and testing equipment list;Product labels (nameplate), brochure;Health and safety compliance certification for the main materials which are in contact with water and may be hazardous to human;Company quality standards;Colorful photos of the product;China local representative nomination letter (applicable for imported products);Certificate (proof) issued by the country (area) of the manufacture for allowing production and sales in the country (area) (applicable for imported products);Customs Declaration of the imported product samples(applicable for imported products);2. A product sample (photo for large-scale product). 3. Product test reports; 4. Other materials helpful for the evaluation.Example of test items (example as for protective materials):TypeUrushiolPolyamide  epoxy resinSiliconesPTFEEpoxy phenolicWater-based Modified  epoxy resinParting CoatNew SubstanceOthersColor√√√√√√√○To be determined based on caseTurbidity√√√√√√√○Odor√√√√√√√○Visiblematter√√√√√√√○pH√√√√√√√○Total soluble solids√√√√√√√○Oxygen Consumption√√√√√√√○As√√√√√√√○Cd√√√√√√√○Cr6+√√√√√√√○Al√√√√√√√○Pb√√√√√√√○Hg√√√√√√√○Chloroform○○○○○○○○Volatile phenols√√√√√√√○Fe√★Zn√★Fluoride√√★CCl4○○○○○○○○formaldehyde√√√√★Epichlorohydrin○○○★Styrene○○○★Benzene○○○★TOC★GC/MS★ICP★Toxicity○○○○○○○○OthersDetermined according to specific conditions and needs★: maybe needed


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