[MARCOZOL Indian Blue CDR]Dischargeable reactive dyes in printingIndian Blue CDR ●  Charming blue color●  Suitable for Africa prints ●  Easy to washing off ●  Resist printing with CLEANTEX PWC ●  Discharge printing with EMVATEX DK-TN and CLEANTEX D-TN * Printed fabric must be fully dried.* According to the material ad equipment or under any other different condition. The process of baking and steaming can be adjusted. Ensure production of the best printing effect is tested.* To avoid the MARCOZOL CDR ground color was impacted by discharge printing agent, the printed fabric must be soaped with high temperature until the scum and discharge-printing agent are removed completely.* While making the color discharge printing paste. The last step is pouring the CLEANTEX D-TN into the paste.* As the alkaline of the color printing paste is quite strong. To avoid hydrolysis of dyes please do not warmed up at the time.


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