[MARCOSAN Black MSD-G 300]MARCOSAN Disperse Dyes for DyeingFastnessPH Stability Thermofixation (Optimum tem℃)Light(Xenon)Light (Xenon)/SDSublimation (180℃x30sec) Black MSD-G 30065-63-43-9210MSD Dyes are compatible and economical medium-energy disperse dyes for rapid and reliable dyeing of polyester and polyester blends.●  Full compliance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.●  Suitable for dyeing microfiber with good build up performance and very economical.●  Controlled coloration.●  Excellent right-first-time performance through dyestuff compatibility.●  Some products are very suitable for the dyeing of the suede nap.●  Versatility in exhaust and continuous dyeing.* Remark: The information based upon the present state of our knowledge and upon the results of detailed evaluation work, presented objectively. It is made without liability as to any results obtained by the application of the products described therein. * It is strongly recommended that, before proceeding to industrial scale work, trials should be carried out to access product performance under the specific conditions that will be encountered.


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