High Heat Resistance Reddish And Greenish Organic Pigment Yellow 191 For Plastic CAS 129423-54-7

Physical PropertiesTest ItemSpecificationResultsCont of water % ≤2.50.65Soluble matter in water %≤2.00.7Oil absorption %45±547Water permeate (grade)55Oil permeate (grade)55Conductivity (µm/cm)≤250175Quality of total (ppm)200120Residues passing through(100mesh)% ≤5.04.6Ph value6.5~7.56.3Fastness Properties (5=excellent,Website:http://www.finelandpigment.com, 1=poor)Acid Resistance4Soap Resistance3Alkali Resistance3Bleeding Resistance4Alcohol Resistance3Migration Resistance5Ester Resistance4Heat Resistance (℃)250Benzene Resistance3Light Fastness (8=excellent)7-8Ketone Resistance4Application and Advantage Recommended for color plastic,its color shade similar with PY83,not high color strength,but its properties are good in heat resistance.In HDPE,its heat resistance can be 300c,and not size change.Its light fastness is 7-8 degree.It has good migration resistance in the PVC.Also can be used for PC.We have reddish and greenish shades for your reference.If you have any problems,Pls leave a message freely.We will back you soon. Package and Delivery 10/25KG Kraft bag,400KG Carton Box. Lead Time: Normally around 15 days after signed contract.


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