Good Opacity And Low Viscosity Green Shade Organic Pigment Yellow 14 For Water Based Inks CAS:5468-75-7

Physical Properties Test ItemSpecificationResultsCont of water % ≤2.51.23Soluble matter in water %≤2.00.89Oil absorption %45±540.9Water permeate (grade)54.32Oil permeate (grade)51.59Conductivity (µm/cm)≤250210Quality of total (ppm)200189Residues passing through(100mesh)% ≤5.03.9Ph value6.5~7.56.59Fastness Properties (5=excellent, 1=poor)Acid Resistance3Soap Resistance3Alkali Resistance3Bleeding Resistance2Alcohol Resistance3Value of ViscosityLowEster Resistance4Storage stabilityGoodBenzene Resistance3Ketone Resistance3Application and Advantage Recommended for water based printing ink,like water flexo printing ink, corrugated paper printing ink,carton printing ink,food and beverage printing ink etc.Its advantage is opaque and good covering,then shown high color strength on the ink.This grade is very stable in our system and we keep enough stock generally.low cost grade and high property.Greenish tone is prior recommend. If you have any ideas,Pls inform us,Thx. Package and Delivery 25KG Kraft bag,400KG Carton Box. Lead Time: Normally around 15 days after signed contract.


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