Structural Foam Cross-Linked PVC Foam Core

Strucell P is a cross-linked rigid structural PVC foam material. Strucell P,Website:, as a close cell foam, based on vinyl polymer, modified with the throughout Aramids link. It is the compounding chemical material based on PVC and PUR. It is said as the cross-linked PVC foam core, in the international practice.Strucell P can be used as the core material in the sandwich structure. Properties  Strucell P series foam is closed cell cross linked regid PVC foam, with excellent specific modulus and strength.Strucell P foam core have outstanding fatigue properties, inpact resistance and low water absorption. It also has good insulation properties.Strucell P foam have both the good size stability and machinability, compatible with various sandwich structure processing methods, compatible with various resin systems. It is the ideal core material for te light weight high strength sandwich composite core material. The processing temperture ranges from -240ºC to +100ºC, the long term operation temperature ranges from -240ºC to +80ºCStrucell P foam have good water resistance and not rotten. Strucell P foam have good fire resistance.Strucell P series foam products can widely be used in wind energy, marine, sports, railway and aerospace industries.  The density ranges 45-250 kg/m3 Applications:Wind energy:rotor blades, nacellesMarine:hulls, decks, bulkheads, superstructures, interiors.


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