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If you want to contact with one of the leading centrifugal spray dryer manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.industrialspraydryer.com, equipped with one productive fluidized spray dryer, spray drying machine, spray drying equipment, spay drying tower factory, Wuxi Sundry Engineering Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Spray dryer descriptionCentrifugal spray dryer is a treatment of solution,suspension or slurry-like material. It is a method of spraying the material to become droplets dispersed in the hot air, then rapid evaporation of water, in order to achieve the purpose of drying.Spray dryer Features1. adaptation solution, suspension or slurry-like material;2. Production simplified, disposable liquid dried to  20-500um powder, eliminating the need for concentration, filtration, pulverization;3. The drying time is short, normally 5-30s ,suitable for high heat sensitive material;4. Working stability, regulation and control convenient,automate operations;Product advantages1. Mechanical centrifugal atomizer, gear, speed and stability, uniform droplet;2. natural gas, steam indirect heating, Product Cleanliness 99.9%;3. The main material SUS 304 stainless steel, mirror polished sticky wall reducing by 20%;4. High efficient filter, capturing 0.5 micron particle, filtration efficiency of 99.5%;5. Electromagnetic pulse bag filter to capture the following 20um particle removal efficiency of 99%;6. efficient pneumatic hammer prevent powder adhesion, clogging and bridging;7. LCD panels, centralized operation, failure, parameter;8. The programmable logic controller PLC, adapt to a more complex control tasksSpray Dryer PrincipleThrough Heating device and filter,Hot air into the drying tower at the top of the hot air distributor, liquid through high-speed centrifugal sprayer spray fine mist liquid silk, Hot air contact the liquid silk in a very short time,finally liquid can be dried into dry goods, finished products continuously from the bottom of the drying tower and cyclone ,exhaust gas discharged from the fan.Technical ParameterModelLPG-5LPG-100LPG-150LPG-200LPG-500LPG-1000LPG-2000Air Intake( )140-350Air Outlet( )70-90Atomizing WayMechanical transmissionWater evaporation capacity(kg/h)510015020050010002000Rotary speed of atomizer(rpm)35000176001550015500155001157011570Diameter of atomizing disc(mm)50130150150150190190Power collect rateAbout 95%HeatElectricElectric, Steam, Fuel, gas* If any change in the above table, subject shall prevail without notice*The table cannot include all products, please contact with our sales engineering for more informationSpray dryer ApplicationFood: amino acids, vitamins. Milk, egg white (yellow), oats, chicken juice, coffee, instant tea, spices, protein, soybean, peanut protein, corn syrup, corn starch, glucose, pectin, malt sugar, potassium sorbateMedicine: vitamins, medicine, antibiotics, yeast, amylase, protease, calcium lactate, etc.Chemical: sodium fluoride (potassium), basic dye pigments, dyes intermediates, fertilizer, formic silicic acid, catalyst, sulfuric acid agent, white carbon black.Plastic: AB, ABS latex, urea-formaldehyde resins, phenolic resins, dense glue (urea) formaldehyde resins, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and the like.Ceramics: alumina, ceramic tile material, magnesium oxide, talc, etc.Typical caseDry material: blood globulin powderMoisture content: 70%Product Moisture: 6%Water evaporation capacity: 500kg / hInlet air temperature: 210Outlet temperature: 85Heating method: indirect gas heatingMechanical power: 70KWCustomized Design


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