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If you want to contact with one of the leading screw conveyor manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, equipped with one productive screw conveyors, screw feeder factory, Wuxi Sundry Engineering Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Product IntroductionScrew conveyor is divided into shaft screw conveyor and shaftless screw conveyor. it is divided into U shape and tube type screw conveyor. Shaft screw conveyor is suitable for the non-sticky powder material and small particle material such as cement, also shaftless screw conveyor is suitable for conveying sticky and easy-winding materials such as sludge, biomass, litter, fibers, etc.Conveying Distance:30mConveying capacity:100M3/hApplication Industry: suitable for various industries such as building materials, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, coal mining and food etc.Applicable Materials: Applicable for conveying powder, granules and small lump materials block in horizontal or oblique such as cement, fly ash, pesticides, titanium dioxide, paint, etc..The material temperature is less than 200  . Screw conveyor is not suitable for transportation of perishable, high viscosity, or easy to agglomerate materials.Product AdvantagesHigh efficiency conveying: New hanging design increase the delivery space for materials and also reduce the resistance of logistics. Together with small diameter, high rotation speed, changed screw pitch to ensure smooth, fast and uniform feeding.Casually arrangement: The shell is made of high quality seamless steel tube, each section is connected by the flanges and become a whole piece. No matter it is horizontal one or inclined one, it can deliver materials continuously. It can connected and fixed with the auxiliary device. Taking fully use of space, can be removed and disassembled easily.Diversified connection: Inlet and discharging port can use flange connection, cloth with derrick connection, universal interface connections, and other forms.Excellent reducer: The special gear reducer small in size, light in weight, big in torque, without oil leakage, no noise.Working PrincipleHaving a vertical motor as the vibration source, and the motor is with bias hammer mounted on both the top and bottom of the motor to make the rotation motor to move in there directions: horizontal, vertical and inclined direction. And the materials on the sieve will be under the actions through the rotation of the motor and do spreading movement to realize sieving purpose.Technical ParameterModelScrew diameter(mm)Speed(rpm)Conveying capacity(T/h)Conveying Distance (m)Installation Angle(。)Motor Power(KW)LS-1001001200-10.5-20-300.75-1.5LS-1601601203-51-80-453-5.5LS-2002001205-151-120-454-11* If any change in the above table, subject shall prevail without notice*The table cannot include all products, please contact with our sales engineering for more informationCustomized Design


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