Fertilizer NPK 10-20-10+6S

Lvfeng Fertilizer Co.,Ltd is one of the best fertilizer npk 10-20-10+6s manufacturers and suppliers,Website:http://www.acefertilizer.com, welcome to buy discount or wholesale our customized fertilizer npk 10-20-10+6s, and also welcome to check the price and quotation with our factory.NPK Fertilizer10-20-10+6SDesigned to meet specific crop requirements.CAS NO.66455-26-3HS CODE31052000EINECS No233-140-8Formula10-20-10+6SSpecificationItemStandardTotal Nitrogen (N) %10Total Phosphate (P2O5)%20Total Potash (K2O)%10S%6Moisture%1.5AppearanceGranularParticle Size2-4.5mmPackage9.5KG、25KG、50KG & OEM colored bagUsageUsed as topdressing, basal fertilizer as well as seedling fertilizer.Suitable for all types of soil and plants.BenefitsSpecifically designed for high value crops such as vegetables, fruit trees, vines and turf.Utilize a balanced nitrogen source containing both ammonium and nitrate nitrogen, a combination of fully available phosphorus forms giving longer lasting availability of phosphorus over a wide range of soil types, and a choice of either chloride or sulfate as the potassium source.Contain secondary and micronutrients essential for specific crops.StorageCan be stored under unopened condition in original container for several years. Opened packing should be resealed after its use, as the product is hygroscopic.


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