Strong Anti-staining Soaping Agent SOAP 608

Zhejiang Kefeng Silicone Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China strong anti-staining soaping agent soap 608 manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, equipped with a famous brands, welcome to buy and wholesale our customized bulk strong anti-staining soaping agent soap 608 products and check the price and quotation with us.SOAP 608Strong anti-staining soaping agentDescriptionSoap 608 is a superb strong anti-staining product, used for the soaping process of cotton, polyester cotton blended after dyeing or printing, it’s energy conservation, emission reduction and easy to use.Product performance²       Hydrolyzes All dyes which didn’t combine with fibers;²       Rubbing fastness, washing fastness and perspiration fastness has great improved;²       The fixing agent can be out of use or little use;²       Energy conservation and emission reduction, water and time saving, reduce 2-5 times washing process;²       The waste water after soaping process is clarified, quantity of wastewater effluent will be reduced by 30-50%, save the environment cost by a large margin;²       Application method is same to traditional process, easy to use;²       Low dosage, with great soaping effective, color fastness and dry and wet rubbing fastness improved by 0.5-1 grade.Product PropertiesAppearance: White granuleComponent: Compound based on enzyme productsIonicity: Weak anionSolid content: 100%pH value: 4.0±1.0Solubility: Soluble in cold waterEnvironmental property: Conform to OeKo-Tex 100Safety: No irritation on skin, rinse with clear water if the dilution contact skin or eyesApplication Knit fabric in the overflow soaping process, SOAP 608 0.3-0.8 g/L, special color can increase the dosage according to test result, but don’t exceed 1.5 g/L. 


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