TM-70 Multifunctional Wicking And Quick Dry Finishing Agent

Zhejiang Kefeng Silicone Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China tm-70 multifunctional wicking and quick dry finishing agent manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, equipped with a famous brands, welcome to buy and wholesale our customized bulk tm-70 multifunctional wicking and quick dry finishing agent products and check the price and quotation with us.TM-70 Multifunctional wicking and quick dry finishing agentTM-70 is the binary polymer of polyester with polyether, a highly concentrated liquid multi-functional finishing agent. It’s suitable to dyeing and finishing of polyester, polyester blend, nylon fabrics, etc. Render fabrics fundamental properties of natural fibers such as wonderful hydrophilic, wicking and quick dry, soil release and antistatic, etc. It also gives velvet fabric soft and fluffy hand feel.Physicochemical PropertiesAppearanceColorless transparent viscous liquidContent70%Ionic characterNonionicpH value6.0±1.0Packing120Kg/plastic barrelSolubilityIt can be diluted with water directlyStorage conditions:6 months (Temp < 30℃, Humi < 50%)Product performanceTM-70 is high concentration liquid. It can be diluted with cold water directly in any ratio, easy to use.Give textile the hydrophilic, antistatic, wicking and quick dry, soil release, etc. properties.Can render polyester fabric fluffy & soft hand feel so that its fabrics will become comfortable to wear.Excellent wash-fastness because this product gets linked with the polyester fiber tightly through chemical bonds after finishing.No yellowing.Have a good compatibility with organic silicon compound.Products formulated from TM-70The derived productApplication technologySoil release agentFormula as 20%TM-70 + H2OImpregnating after dyeing: dosage as 0.5~2%(on weight of fabric), impregnated at 50℃ for 30min→dewater(the take up is 65~75%)→oven dry at 100~130℃→Sizing at 170~190℃Pad finishing after dyeing: dosage as 5~20g/L,process as: impregnated and padded(the take-up is 65~75%)→oven dry at 100~130℃→Sizing at 170~190℃Hydrophilic finishing agentWicking and quick dry finishing agentNon-ionic antistatic agentHydrophilic softenerCompound with different proportion of silicon softeneraccording to the request of the usersSuggested that TM-70 with organic silicon compound with a ratioof 7:3 to 5:5.Fluffy finishing agentRaising agentNote: To get the better washable ability, please according to below process after the finishing,Finshing →  Oven dry at 80-110℃ → Curing at 170-180℃*1min.


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