Linesoft WSC-40

Zhejiang Kefeng Silicone Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China linesoft wsc-40 manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, equipped with a famous brands, welcome to buy and wholesale our customized bulk linesoft wsc-40 products and check the price and quotation with us.Linesoft WSC-40 OilDescriptionLinesoft WSC-40 Oil is developed by Zhejiang Kefeng Silicone Co., Ltd. The product is a new ternary block silicone oil for cotton, which is a three-component block copolymer of polysiloxane, polyamines, and polyether. The product is an upgrade of common amino silicone oil, and imparts the finished fabric smooth, soft, and good stable.Product performanceLinesoft WSC-40 Oil is generally suitable for cotton fabric finishing, the hand feelings of finished fabric are smooth and soft;
Linesoft WSC-40 Oil can be used for cotton shirt, TC shirt, home textiles fabrics, etc;
It is recommend to use together with other silicones to get different and excellent 
It is much more softer & smooth than the traditional amino-modified silicone softeners, It 
is a good replacer of traditional amino silicone;
Excellent using safety and compound compatibility;Non-stick to roller, no-demulsification and floating oil, no silicone spot.High temperature resistance, electrolyte resistance;
Product PropertiesAppearanceYellowish transparent liquidActive ingredient content40%IonicityCationicEnvironmental propertyEco-Conscious StandardApplication Linesoft WSC-40 Oil should be used at a dosage level of 3-5 g/liter in the bath.(1) For padding process (add in rolling groove), the recommended rate of silicon oil to emulsifier is 4:1 to 3:1 for emulsification.(2) For Immersion method (added in dyeing vat), the recommend rate of silicon oil to emulsifier is 2:1 for emulsification.StorageStore in a cool, dry and ventilated area away from sources of heat and oxides. For long-term storage, on the packing bag, pay attention to seal moisture after opening the packing bag. Shelf life: 12 months.Package25kg multilayer paper bags(Package is according to customer request)


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