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If you want to contact with one of the leading fluid bed dryer manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.industrialspraydryer.com, equipped with one productive fluid bed dryers, fluidized bed drying, fluidized bed dryers, fluidized bed drier, fluidised bed dryers, fluid bed drier factory, Wuxi Sundry Engineering Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Fluid bed dryer descriptionVibration fluidized bed dryer is an enhanced special-purpose equipment. it is used for the final drying of the material. mechanical vibrations help material flow and heat exchange, but also to ensure that the drying equipment work in a relatively stable flow conditions. Besides good drying performance, also it can process material granulation, cooling, screening and conveying. Our products are widely used in sugar refining, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, chemicals, plastics, dairy products, salt, mining and metallurgy and other industrial sectors.Bed dryer Features1. Flow under very low gas velocity, thereby significantly reducing power consumption, wear particles and dust entrainment;2. The residence time distribution, easy control the residence timeProduct advantages1. fully heat exchange, more than 30% energy saving;2. Vibration motor easy maintenance, low noise, long life;3. Wide adaptation, material moving speed and the amplitude change can easy adjustment;4. Less damage of the material surface, suitable for fragile materials and irregular particles;5. fully enclosed structure, effectively prevent cross-contamination between the air and the material;Dryer PrincipleVibration fluidized bed dryer is generated by the vibration motor, the material forward under the action of this exciting force, while hot air input so that the material in a fluidized state. the material meet hot air and carry out intense heat exchange, reach the highest thermal efficiency. Upper body in slight negative pressure, moist air from the induced draft fan leads, dry material discharged from the discharge port, achieve the design drying.Technical ParameterModelBed Size (M2)inlet air temperature( )outlet air temperature ( )water evaporation(kg /h)motor power(KW)ZLG3*0.30.970-14040-7020-350.8*2ZLG4.5*0.31.3570-14040-7035-500.8*2ZLG4.5*0.452.20570-14040-7050-701.1*2ZLG4.5*0.62.770-14040-7070-901.1*2ZLG6*0.452.770-14040-7080-1001.5*2ZLG6*0.63.670-14040-70100-1301.5*2ZLG6*0.754.570-14040-70120-1402.2*2ZLG6*0.95.470-14040-70140-1702.2*2ZLG7.5*6.04.570-14040-70130-1502.2*2ZLG7.7*0.755.62570-14040-70150-1803.0*2ZLG7.5*0.96.7570-14040-70160-2103.0*2ZLG7.5*1.2970-14040-70200-2603.0*2* If any change in the above table, subject shall prevail without notice*The table cannot include all products, please contact with our sales engineering for more informationFluid Bed Dryer ApplicationFood: Lees, MSG, sugar, salt, seed, Aberdeen, watercress, catalysts, soda, soybean meal, etc.Medicine: tablet granules, malic acid, maleic acid, etc.Chemicals: slag, boric acid, borax, hydroquinone, ammonium sulfate, fertilizer, detergents, potassium permanganate,etc.Typical caseDry materials: ammonium chlorideDrying area: 1.5 M2Moisture content: 5%Product Moisture: 0.3%Inlet air temperature: 140Outlet air temperature: 50Mechanical power: 1.6KWCustomized Design


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