Sulfonated Phenolic Resin SMP-2

Welcome to consult sulfonated phenolic resin smp-2 price with Shandong Tongli Chemical Co.,Ltd,Website:, which is one of the leading sulfonated phenolic resin smp-2 suppliers in China and also a productive sulfonated phenolic resin smp-2 factory.Drilling Sulfonated Phenolic Resin SMP-2I. DescriptionSMP-2 is an anti-temperature-salt ultra-deep mud fluid loss agent, can reduce water loss of high salinity mud after high temperature (200 degrees Celsius),  mud cake thick high and coefficient of friction, improved mud rheological properties, has fluid loss, sloughing, anti-card and anti-saturated brine variety of effects, and at the same time reducing water loss without increasing the viscosity of the slurry ,under high temperature conditions will not produce gelation.II. Features※ It is water-based drilling fluids can be directly used in almost compatible with all treatment agents,※ 200-220 degrees Celsius temperature resistance, salt resistance to Cl-: 100 thousand mg / L-- saturated brine.※ to reduce high temperature and high pressure loss improved greatly improve high temperature mud cake quality, reduce cake friction coefficient.III.Specification:ItemIndexappearanceappearanceWater insoluble matter,%≤ 12Effective content,%≥ 80Room temperature pressure filtration, ml≤ 15After hot rolling at room temperature pressure filtration / ml≤ 20IV. Recommended dosageTypically dosage, depending on the bottomhole temperature, generally from 1.0 to 5.0 percent,V. Packaging25Kg triple composite /PE Bag, it can also be customized packaging.


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