Drilling Fluid Used Low Molecular Weight Deepwater Coating Agent PF-UCAP

Welcome to consult drilling fluid used low molecular weight deepwater coating agent pf-ucap price with Shandong Tongli Chemical Co.,Ltd,Website:http://www.tlpam.com, which is one of the leading drilling fluid used low molecular weight deepwater coating agent pf-ucap suppliers in China and also a productive drilling fluid used low molecular weight deepwater coating agent pf-ucap factory.Deepwater Drilling Fluid with Low Molecular Weight Coating Agent PF-UCAP  I. DescriptionPF-UCAP is acrylamide, cationic monomer dimethyl ammonium chloride as the main raw material, using a special process to produce a deep-water operations are applied to the package agent.II. Features※ PF-UCAP by chemically adsorbed on the surface of the cuttings, wrapped it , to prevent the cuttings in contact with water molecules dispersed hydration, but also has reduced water loss, improving flow pattern and enhance the lubricating properties.※ PF-UCAP molecular weight less than 1 million, the particles were spherical distribution, uniform particle size,※ PF-UCAP on the viscosity of the drilling mud system was less affected.※ PF-UCAP of drill cuttings coated with good effect, cuttings rolling recoveries as high as 85%.※ PF-UCAP has good stain resistance and temperature resistance.III.Specification:ItemIndexAppearanceWhite free flowing powderMoisture,%≤ 10Fineness (40 mesh pass rate),%≥ 60Molecular weight, million≤ 1Water-soluble0.3% in distilled waterclear and transparent, non-hierarchical0.3% sea waterclear and transparent, non-hierarchicalIV.Recommended dosageGenerally increase the amount of fresh water slurry is from 0.5 to 0.8 percent, saturated aqueous slurry of 1.0 to 2.0%V. Packaging25Kg triple composite /PE Bag, it can also be customized packaging.


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