Anti-aging PP Masterbatch

Weather Resistance Masterbatch  LS-133W for  PP Nonwoven fabric  1. Introduction.  LS-133W masterbatch  is prepared from  processing  various high performance anti-aging additives with PP carrier resin. It has been specially designed for  weather resistance nonwoven systems,Website:, especially for outdoor applications . The LS-133W masterbatch  provides  excellent processing stability, exceptional  thermal oxidative stability , high light fastness,  and  outstanding weather resistance,  which improves the reliability and extends  the service  life of PP nonwoven fabric.  The major characteristics of LS-133W are as follows:  1) . Broad UV-band absorption, which is  ideal for UV-shielding applications,  effectively prevents degradation of  PP nonwoven fabric  in the presence of  heat, light, oxidation and other  environmental climate factors during  outdoor usages.  2). Feature an excellent dispersion of ingredients in PP nonwoven fabric,  leads  to high stability and endurance of the anti-aging agents.  3).  Melt flow properties matches well with PP nonwoven matrix resin and demonstrates  excellent compatibility, easily to achieve uniformly dispersed and blended resin composition .  4). Excellent processing stability, which avoids occasional yarn breaks during the spinning process,  ensure continuous production of PP spun and improve production efficiency. 2、Product Performance  Weathering Performance of 60g PP nonwoven fabric with LS-133Wxenon lamp aging Test (hours)ResultsRetentionoftensilestrength atbreakafteraging%72981689224084Retention of elongation at break after aging %72881687524062Color evaluation after aging(fastness)724-51684-52404-5Remark: the content of the LS-133SW is 2 % in the above product. The result data showed are typical results from related applications, only serve as a general reference, not for product specification. Specific amount can be adjusted according to the relevant practical applications, product specifications and weathering requirements.No.Testing performanceStandard1Xenon lamp agingISO 4892-2:2003/ASTM G155-20052Melt indexISO 1133:1997/ASTM D1238-103Water contentJIS K 0068:20014Mechanical propertyISO 9073-3:19895Color change the ratingISO 105-A02:1993(E)6 months Nature expose test in GuangzhouProperty         SampleGrey Non-woven fabric (60gram/m2) with 2% LS-133WBatchSI14010601 Beginning1st Test2nd Test3rd Test4th Test5th Test6th Test Test date2014/2/152014/3/132014/4/162014/5/162014/6/162014/7/152014/8/19WeightAvg.60.5260.2562.2561.7462.6661.4260.80ISO 9073-1↑↓(%)~-0.452.862.023.541.490.46Tensile strength on  Machine Direction  Avg.146.38144.86129.88125.68123.71109.0974.67ASTM D5035↑↓(%)~-1.04-11.27-14.14-15.48-25.47-48.99Tensile strength on Transverse DirectionAvg.90.5590.8984.2680.4979.1768.7550.80ASTM D5035↑↓(%)~0.38-6.95-11.11-12.56-24.07-43.90Elongation  on  Machine DirectionAvg.90.3277.5856.5252.2349.8546.3528.36ASTM D5035↑↓(%)~-14.11-37.42-42.17-44.80-48.68-68.60Elongation  on Transverse DirectionAvg.73.3764.7752.8054.1050.1649.4538.39ASTM D5035↑↓(%)~-11.73-28.03-26.27-31.63-32.60-47.673. Properties and Applications. Physical AppearanceTranslucent granule, uniform color, no impurities dustGranularityΦ(2.0~4.0)mm×(2.4~4.0)mmWater content≤0.2%(wt.Heat resistance≥320℃MFI(g/10min)230℃,2.16kg37Active ingredient content≥25%ApplicationCar outdoor dust cover, agricultural fields , agricultural harvest cloth, anti-frost guard; greening of urban green areas, highways, railways slope on both sides of the green, grass seeding mountain rock engineering and other related PP woven products.4.Processing Guidance  Mixed directly with raw materials for further processing.  The recommended  content  is  2 %,  can be adjusted according to actual requirements. 5.Packing:  Supplied in the packing of 25 Kg Bag with liners. Be stored in ventilated, dry  places and be avoided direct exposure to sun and rain.


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