ANTIOXIDANT 300 Composition on ingredientsChemical Name: 4,Website:,4’-thiobis-(6-tert-butyl-3-methylphenol)The quality as same as  Santonox TBMC (Monsanto) ; Lowinox 44S36 (Great Lake)  Molecular Formula: C22H30O2S  MW:358.55  CAS NO.: 96-69-5 Chemical structure:   Chemical & Physical propertiesNo.ItemsProperties1AppearanceWhite powder2Melting Point>160 ℃3Ash Content(%)〈0.054Particle Size(%)Residue through 50 mesh≤0.255Heating Decrement(%)0.02Application The product belongs to a thiobisphenol antioxidant with high-performance and no-staining, It has double function of primary and secondary antioxidant. It is mainly used in HDPE, LDPE, especially used in crosslinked polyethylene. The product shows low volatility, excellent oxidation resistance, good heat stability and weatherability, few effects on the electrical property of a product. And there is good synergistic effect if it is used with carbon black together.  It also suitable for PP,ABS,PS,PVC,PA,PU etc., and for white, gorgeous and transparent products. Generally, the dosage is about 0.3%. It has good synergistic effects if the product cooperates with dilauryl thiodipropionate ( or distearyl thiodipropionate).  In addition, the product is also used as the antioxidant of natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber, silicone rubber and latex, and it has no negative effects on the vulcanization. The products has low toxicity, so it is permitted to use in plastic products contacting with food.


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