Anti-fogging Agent

Dripping and anti-fogging agent for agricultural film/DCCB82031.Product introduction: Our dripping and anti-fogging agent is compounded of three parts DCCB8203-A,Website:,DCCB8203-B and DCCB8203-C.  It is eco-friendly and no pollution, can be used as anti-fogging coating in agricultural PO film with the advantage of fast dripping and long term durability of anti-fogging effect.2.usingprocess Adjust according to actual production process, please contact us for details3.Advantages fast drippingTemperaturewaterDeviceFirst dripping time70℃Deionized waterThermostat water bath2~3minlong durability1 days30 days1 year2 yearsGood      TransparentGood      TransparentGood      Transparent     Good      Transparent4.Main Properties key componentAppearanceeffective constituent(%)specificgravity(g/cm3)pHDCCB8203-Asemitransparent liquid18±0.51.10±0.054.00~5.00DCCB8203-BTransparent liquid≥951.05±0.0511.50~12.50DCCB8203-CLight yellow liquid≥951.05±0.059.00~10.005.Packing 20kg/drum(Can be adjust according to customers request)6.Storage conditions and shelf life Keep tightly closed, proof humidity. Keep in 5~30℃Under normal storage conditions shelf life half year. 7.Warning  1. Agitation tank must be kept clean, Avoid mixed with impurities  2. use deionized water, Tap water is prohibited  3. add DCCB8203-B and DCCB8203-C before production, Suggest use up within 24 hours,avoid long term storage  4. In order to obtain the optimal effect, it is recommended that the base material corona  5. Suggest coating weight 0.3 g/m2  6. Suggest appropriate adjust drying temperature,  time,  speed,  corona and use level  so that obtain the optimal effect


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