Basic Brown 23

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Product name: Basic brown 23 liquidCAS NO.: Not availableC.I.: Not availableEINECS: Not availableChemical formula: Not availableMolecular structure: Not availableAppearance: Shade: Strength: Odor: Specific gravity: PH value:insoluble matter in water :  Solubility: Light fastness: Washing fastness(40°С) Rubbing fastness: Sublimation fastness (180°С 30sec): Perspiration fastness: Brown liquid Similar to the standard 100±3% to the standard Weak odor   Not testedNot tested <1.5%,Website:, Not tested 2 3 Dry: 3 Wet: 3-4 4 4Performance and features:  The product is mainly used for paper dyeing, can also be used for bamboo, wood rendering and manufacturing color amyl in.


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