Colorants For Plastic

Colorants for plastic  1,Website:, Solvent dyeColor Index      Number Heat Resistance Equivalent Certificate Solvent Yellow 14250(BASF)Orient Oil Yellow 220 Solvent Yellow 21300  Solvent Yellow 33300Oil Lemon Yellow 4G (DNT) Solvent yellow 72280 AP89/1Solvent Yellow 93280(BASF)Thernoplast Yellow 104AP89/1Solvent Yellow 98-FLO300 AP89/1Solvent Yellow 104300 AP89/1Solvent Yellow 114280Macrolex Yellow G (BAY) Solvent Yellow 135300  Solvent  yellow 141300Maxoline yellow G FW (BASF) Solvent yellow 145280CIBA yellow 9GF Solvent yellow 157300  Solvent Yellow 160:1 FLO300 EN71-3Solvent Yellow 163300Oracet Yellow GHS (CIBA) Solvent Yellow 176280  Solvent Yellow 4G280Macrolex Yellow 4G (BAY) Solvent Yellow 179300Macrolex Yellow 6G (BAY) Solvent Orange 60300Macrolex Orange 3G (BAY)AP89-1Solvent Orange 63 FLO300Hostasol Red GG (BAY)EN71-3Solvent Orange 107300Macrolex Orange R(BAY) Solvent Red 24250(BASF)Sudan M Red 380 Solvent Red 27230  Solvent Red 52280Macrolex Red 5B (BAY) Solvent Red 111300Macrolex Red G (BAY) Solvent Red 135300Macrolex Red EG (BAY)AP89/1Solvent Red 149 FLO300(KEY)Keyplast Fluorescent Red GAP89/1Solvent Red 168300Rosaplast Red 640 (ROSE) Solvent Red 172300  Solvent Red 179300Macrolex Red E 2G (BAY)AP89/1Solvent Red 195300Solvaperm Red BB (BAY)/Thermoplast red 454(BASF)AP89/1Solvent Red 196 FLO300(HDC)Elbaplast Fluorescent Red 2BAP89/1Solvent Red 197 FLO300(HDC)Elbaplast Red G Solvent Red 207280Waxol Red CHA (DEV)AP89/1Solvent Red 225300Filamid Red GR Vat red 41 FLO280 EN73/1Solvent Brown 53300PolyPolysynthren Brown R (CLAR)AP89/1Solvent Violet 13300Marcrolex violet B/BASF Thermoplast blue 684AP89/1Solvent Violet 14290  Solvent Violet 31280Kiwalpolyester violet 2RE Solvent Violet 36300Marcrolex violet 2R (BAY) Solvent violet 37300Sandoplast violet EBL (CLH) Solvent Violet 49300Polysynthren violet G(Clar)AP89/1Solvent Violet 59300Elbaplast red violet R(HDC)AP89/1Solvent Blue 35280Orient oil blue 2NAP89/1Solvent Blue 36280Waxoline blue AP FW(BASF) Solvent Blue 45260Estofil blue S-RLS Solvent Blue 59300Keyplast blue BGP Solvent Blue 67260Filester Blue GN (CIBA)AP89/1Solvent Blue 97300Macrolex blue RRAP89/1Solvent Blue 101280Rosaplast blue 4G Solvent Blue 104300Sandoplast blue 2BAP89/1Solvent Blue 122300Polysynthren blue RAP89/1Solvent blue 132300Filanmid blue R (CIBA) Solvent blue 3R300Macrolex blue 3R (BAY) Solvent Green 3300Macrolex Green 5BAP89/1Solvent Green 5 FLO300Macrolex green G Solvent Green 28300Polysynthren brown RAP89/12, Organic pigments Color Index NumberHeat ResistanceEquivalentCertificatePIGMENT RED 48:1200  PIGMENT RED 48:2200 AP89-1PIGMENT RED 48:2 2BP260CIBA 2BP PIGMENT RED 48:3260CIBA 2BSPAP89-1PIGMENT RED 48:4200  PIGMENT RED 53:1160Clariant Red  LC PIGMENT RED 53:1 PSD260Clariant Red  LGHeavy metal freePIGMENT RED 57:1 4BP240CIBA 4BPAP89-1PIGMENT RED 57:1180  PIGMENT RED 63:1180  PIGMENT RED 170 F3RK220 AP89-1PIGMENT RED 170 F5RK220 AP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW 12200  PIGMENT YELLOW 13230Clariant Yellow GRAP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW 13200  PIGMENT YELLOW 14180  PIGMENT YELLOW 17200 AP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW 62200Ciba Yellow WSR-PAP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW 81220Clariant Yellow H10G PIGMENT YELLOW 83220  PIGMENT YELLOW 83-HR240CLARIANT HRAP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW 83-HR02250CLARIANT HR02 PIGMENT YELLOW 138300 AP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW 168-PN240Ciba Yellow WGPAP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW 183300BASF K2270FDAPIGMENT YELLOW  191300CLARIANT YELLOW HGRAP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW  191:1300CIBA HRPA/HRPNAP89-1PIGMENT ORANGE 13200  PIGMENT ORANGE 16180  PIGMENT ORANGE 34200  PIGMENT ORANGE 38220Clariant Red HFG PIGMENT BLUE 15:0210  PIGMENT BLUE 15:1260  PIGMENT BLUE 15:3260BASF K7090AP89-1PIGMENT BLUE 15.6300  PIGMENT GREEN 7280 AP89-13, High performance pigments Color Index NumberHeat ResistanceEquivalentCertificatePIGMENT RED 122300Clariant PINK E01AP89-1PIGMENT RED 144280CIBA BRNAP89-1PIGMENT RED 149300BASF K3580 PIGMENT RED 166300Cromophtal Scarlet RN CIBAAP89-1PIGMENT RED 176280Novoperm Carmine HF3C Clariant PIGMENT RED 177280CIBA A3B PIGMENT RED 179300 Ciba's K3920 PIGMENT RED 185300 Clariant’s Novoperm Carmine HF4C PIGMENT RED 213230  PIGMENT RED 214300  PIGMENT RED 242300CLARIANT 4RF-PVAP89-1PIGMENT RED 254300CIBA DDP 2030 PIGMENT YELLOW 93280Cromophtal  Yellow  3GN----Ciba PIGMENT YELLOW 95280CIBA YELLOW GR PIGMENT YELLOW 110(2R)280CIBA 2RLT  AP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW 110(3R)2803RLT   AP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW 138280 BASF's K 0961 TP/BASF L0960-L0962HDAP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW 139260BASF K1841 PIGMENT YELLOW 139260L2140    PIGMENT YELLOW 147280Filester Yellow RNB (CIBA) PIGMENT YELLOW 1503005GNAP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW 155260Graphtal fast yellow 3GP ClariantAP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW 180290Clariant PV fast yellow HGAP89-1/FDAPIGMENT YELLOW 181300PV FAST YELLOW H3RAP89-1PIGMENT YELLOW 192300Polysynthren yellow RLAP89-1PIGMENT ORANGE 64300Cromophtal Orange GP (CIBA)AP89-1PIGMENT ORANGE 68300CLARIANT PV FAST ORANGE 6RL PIGMENT ORANGE 71300CROMOPHTAL DPP LARANJA TRP BASFAP89-1PIGMENT ORANGE 73300  PIGMENT BROWN 25290PV Fast Brown HFR Clariant PIGMENT BLUE 60280BASF(L6480) PIGMENT GREEN 36280BASF9630AP89-1PIGMENT VIOLET 19260  PIGMENT VIOLET 23250BL,RLAP89-1PIGMENT VIOLET 29300  BASF K5011 4, Fluorescent Pigments Colors DK series DMC series DEA series ChartreuseDK 10DMC 10DEA 10YellowDK 17  GreenDK 18DMC 11DEA 11Orange-YelDK 16DMC 12DEA 12OrangeDK 15DMC 13DEA 13Orange-RedDK 14DMC 14DEA14RedDK 13DMC 15DEA 15CeriseDK 12DMC 16 PinkDK 11DMC 17DEA 17MagentaDK 21DMC 18DEA 18BlueDK 19DMC 19DEA 19PurpleDK 40 DEA 405, Pearl PigmentsPEARLESCENT PIGMENTSILVER WHITEModelColourParticle Size RangeRemarkDCC108Rutile fine satin<10µmRutileDCC110Silver fine satin<15µm/DCC111Rutile fine satin<15µmRutileDCC119Rutile fine satin5-20µmRutileDCC121Rutile luster satin5-25µmRutileDCC120Luster satin5-25µm/DCC118Silver white satin5-20µm/DCC123Luster pearl10-30µm/DCC124Silk pearl5-40µm/DCC173Silk pearl10-40µm/DCC104Rutile silk10-40µmRutileDCC103Sterling silver10-60µmRutileDCC100Silver pearl10-60µm/DCC150White pearl30-70µm/DCC151Luster pearl10-100µm/DCC153Flash pearl20-100µm/DCC155Sparkle pearl40-100µm/DCC163Shimmer pearl40-200µm/DCC183Special Flash pearl40-300µm/DCC193Super flash pearl50-700µm/INTERFERENCEModelColourParticle Size RangeRemarkDCC205Platinum pearl10-60µmRutileDCC205AGolden pearl10-60µmRutileDCC215Red pearl10-60µmRutileDCC217Copper pearl10-60µmRutileDCC218Flamboyant pearl10-60µmRutileDCC219Violet pearl10-60µmRutileDCC220Crystal blue10-40µmRutileDCC224Violaceous10-60µmRutileDCC225Blue satin10-60µmRutileDCC235Green pearl10-60µmRutileDCC201Gold satin5-25µmRutileDCC211Red satin5-25µmRutileDCC221Blue satin5-25µmRutileDCC223Violet satin5-25µmRutileDCC231Green satin5-25µmRutileDCC249Shimmer gold10-100µmRutileDCC259Shimmer red10-100µmRutileDCC289Shimmer blue10-100µmRutileDCC299Shimmer green10-100µmRutileDCC2791Sparkle red40-200µmRutileDCC2891Sparkle cobalt blue40-200µmRutileDCC2615Red Yellow10-60µmRutileDCC2619Violet Yellow10-60µmRutileDCC2625Blue orange10-60µmRutileDCC2635Yellow green10-60µmRutileGOLD LUSTERModelColourParticle Size RangeRemarkDCC300Gold pearl10-60µm/DCC303Royal gold10-60µm/DCC304Mayan gold10-60µm/DCC305Aztec gold10-60µm/DCC306Olympic gold10-60µm/DCC307Turquoise gold10-60µm/DCC309Reddish gold10-60µm/DCC310Golden satin10-60µm/DCC313Royal deep gold10-60µm/DCC319Royal red golden10-40µm/DCC320Bright gold10-60µm/DCC302Gold satin5-25µm/DCC323Royal gold satin5-25µm/DCC351Sunny gold10-100µm/DCC353Reddish gold20-100µm/DCC355Glitter gold20-100µm/DCC3001Sparkle gold40-200µm/DCC3501Soft luster gold5-25µm/DCC3502Satin luster gold10-40µm/DCC3503Luster gold10-60µm/DCC3504Brilliant gold20-100µm/DCC3505Flash gold40-200µm/DCC3531Sparkle reddish gold40-200umDCC600Gold pearl10-60µm/DCC602Super gold satin5-25µm/DCC603Imperatorial gold10-60µm/DCC605Aztec gold10-60µm/MICA IRON METAL LUSTER & COLOR PIGMENTATIONModelColourParticle Size RangeRemarkDCC500Bronze10-60µm/DCC502Red-brown10-60µm/DCC504Wine red10-60µm/DCC505Mauve10-60µm/DCC507Ruby10-60µm/DCC508Blue-russet10-60µm/DCC509Breen10-60µm/DCC510Copper black10-60µm/DCC520Bronze satin5--25µm/DCC522Red-brown satin5--25µm/DCC524Wine red satin5--25µm/DCC525Mauve satin5--25µm/DCC530Glitter bronze10—100µm/DCC532Glitter red-brown10—100µm/DCC534Glitter wine red10—100µm/DCC535Glitter mauve10—100µm/DCC5302Super flash brown40—200µm/DCC5321Super flash Red-brown40—200µm/DCC5341Super flash wine red40—200µm/DCC5351Super flash mauve40—200µm/COLOR & PIGMENTATIONModelColourParticle Size RangeDCC400Luster blue10-60µm/DCC401Luster black10-60µm/DCC402Silver black10-60µmDCC403Peachblow10-60µm/DCC404Lilac10-60µm/DCC405Cambridge blue10-60µm/DCC406Peak green10-60µm/DCC407Silver gray10-60µm/DCC410Nut -Brown10-60µm/DCC411Nigger-Brown10-60µmDCC415Magic red10-60µm/DCC418Rose red10-60µm/DCC419Magic violet10-60µm/DCC424Violaceous10-60µm/DCC425Magic blue10-60µm/DCC435Apple green10-60µm/DCC481Tint red10-40µm/DCC482Flash red20-100µm/DCC430Flash Cupreous-Brown20-100µm/DCC491Flash yellow20-100µm/DCC492Flash rose red20-100µm/DCC493Luster purple20-100µm/DCC494Shimmer magic blue20-100µm/DCC4600Sparkle blue20-100µm/DCC4602Sparkle yellow20-100µm/DCC4605Sparkle red20-100µm/DCC4609Sparkle green20-100µm/DCC4625Interference red10-60µm/DCC4627Interference blue10-60µm/DCC4628Interference yellow10-60µm/DCC4629Interference green10-60µm/DCC4701Golden green10-60µm/DCC4702Golden blue10-60µm/DCC4703Apricot pearl10-60µm/DCC4704Golden violet10-60µm/DCC4705Indigo pearl10-60µm/DCC4706Special purple10-60µm/DCC4707Gold chestnut10-60µm/6, Chrome Yellow & Molybdate orangeColor Index Product code Equivalent P.Y.34(CHROME YELLOW)LEMON YELLOW 1422BASF L1422  LIGHT  YELLOW 1622BASF L1622 DCC 1032MIDDLE  YELLOW 1922BASF L1922 DCC 1003、602LIGHT YELLOW 1625BASF L1625 DCC 1034MIDDLE YELLOW 1925BASF L1925CIBA 35-SQDCC 1019DEEP YELLOW 3125   LIGHT YELLOW 2630 CIBA 15-SQ MIDDLE YELLOW 2930   DEEP YELLOW 3030   P.R.104(MOLYBDATE ORANGE)3035BASF L3035S DCC 56063135BASF L3135S DCC 56123025BASF L3025 DCC 16063125BASF L3125 DCC 16072922BASF L2922 DCC 16243022BASF 3022  7, Inorganic pigments NEAMPIGMENT BLUE 28          (Cobalt blue )PIGMENT BLUE 29           (ULTRAMARINE BLUE)PIGMENT BLACK 9          (BONE BLACK)PIGMENT BLACK 26        (MANGANESE FERRITE BLACK)PIGMENT BLACK 28        (COPPER CHROMITE BLACK)PIGMENT BROWN 24      (CHROME TITANATE BROWN)PIGMENT GREEN 17       (Chromium Green)PIGMENT GREEN 50       (COBALT GREEN)PIGMENT YELLOW 53     (NICKEL TITANATE YELLOW)PIGMENT YELLOW 119  (ZINC FERRITE YELLOW)PIGMENT YELLOW 164  (MANGANESE ANTIMONY TITANIUM)PIGMENT YELLOW 184   (BISMUTH VANADATE YELLOW)


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