High Quality 99% Beta-Cyclodextrin CPHI2015 from Binzhou Zhiyuan

Product Description Beta-Cyclodextrin Description: Beta-cyclodextrin as a new medicine auxiliary material, is mainly used to strengthen the stability of the medicine, prevent it from oxidation and decomposition, also it can increase the solubility of the medicine, reduce the toxicity of it and cover up the odor and smell from it. In food manufacturing, beta-cyclodextrin can inhibit the finished products oxidation, being decomposed by ray and heat and volatilization, maintaining stability of products. Beta-cyclodextrin can also change liquid food into solid and exclude bitter taste and smell. Meanwhile, beta-cyclodextrin can raise the stability of spice, essence and pigment, strength then emulsifying and moisture proof capacity and prevent the food turning bad. What's more, beta cyclodextrin can improve the taste keeping the good quality of food in order to be stored and transported easily. Other name: Cycloheptaamylose(7CI);2,4,7,9,12,14,17,19,22,24,27,29,32,34-Tetradecaoxaoctacyclo[,6.28,11.213,16.218,21.223,26.228,31]nonatetracontane,b-cyclodextrin deriv.;Schardinger b-dextrin;Stereoisomer of5,10,15,20,25,30,35-heptakis(hydroxymethyl)-2,4,7,9,12,14,17,19,22,24,27,29,32,34-tetradecaoxaoctacyclo[,6.28,11.213,16.218,21.223,26.228,31]nonatetracontane-36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49-tetradecol;b-Cycloamylose;b-Cycloheptaamylose;b-Dextrin CAS Registry Number: 7585-39-9 MF: C42H70O35 MW: 1134.98 EINECS NO.: 231-493-2 Appearance: white crystalline or powder Assay:99%min


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