Uhmw Pipe

UHMWPE pipeAn ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene inner pipe is arranged in the inner layer  of  the section of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene compound pipe; helispherical carbon spring wires are arranged in the middle layer; and a high-density polyethylene protective layer is arranged in the outer layer. The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene compound pipe enhances the compression strength of the pipe, and greatly spreads the application range. The requirement to the thickness of a pipe wall is reduced with identical pressure requirement, therefore, the material is saved, the construction cost and the engineering cost of the pipe are reduced, and the disadvantages of high cost, inconvenient maintenance, uneasy long term usage and storage and small compression strength of  the existing UHMW-PE compound pipe are overcome.The feature:·Low coefficient of friction, high wear resistance, high impact resistant·Excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance·Non-toxic, in accordance with FDA/USDA standards·Good self cleaning property, the temperature range:-150°C to 85°C·Low water absorption, the size will not change because of the humid environment.The application:1.Municipal water supply, gas supply and agriculture etc.2.Commercial & Residential water supply3.Industrial liquids transportation4.Sewage treatment5. Food and chemical industry7. Replacement of cement pipes and steel pipes8. Argillaceous silt, mud transportation9. Garden green pipe networksSpecification:UHMWPE Pipe Specification TableDiameter       (mm)0.6Mpa0.8Mpa1.0Mpa1.25Mpa1.6MPa2.0MpaWall Thickness(mm)6589969101108101308101215910121516881013162058101215182199111316202361012141822250101215192327391113162125280911141721263001012151823273151012151924293251013161924303501114172126323771215182228354001216192430364151316202531426131720253253616212623560162227336301925303765220263238710212734800233138


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