Cutting Board

1.UHMW,UHMW's molecular weight ranges from 3.1 million to 9.2 million for your choice2.Standard size:900*900*45mm, 900*900*50mm500*500*30mm, 500*500*20mm300*300*40mm, 300*300*30mm100*100*20mm, 100*100*10mm300*200*30mm, 500*400*20mmmaximum width: 2000mm,length: unlimited,Thickness 5mm-500mmHotel kitchen can be customized according to the requirements!3.Applicable industries and fieldsa. Home kitchens,b. hotels,c. supermarkets,d. meat processing,e. slaughtering plants,f. food plants,g. fish processing plants,h. vegetable processing plant.4.Features of uhmwpe cutting boarda. Food grade,  Non-toxicb. Eco-Friendlyc. Tough, long use timed. No moisture absorptione. High chemical resistancef. Dimension stabilitySquare chopping boards(mm)Color200*200300*300400*400450*450Red: meat processingYellow: pouitry processingBlue: seafood processingGreen: vegetable processingCoffee:cooked food processingWhite: dairy foods processing480*480500*500580*5801200*1200Rectangle chopping boards(mm)480*950480*1500480*3000 500*600500*1000500*1200 580*980580*1100580*1190 580*990600*1200  Round chopping boards(mm)φ200   φ300   φ400   φ480   φ500   φ600     φ950  φ1000The thickness for all the chopping boards is from 2to 50 mm, or    customized.


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