Calcium Ascorbate

Calcium Ascorbate BP98/USP24 Product Name:Calcium Ascorbate BP98/USP24Packing:25kgs/bagCAS  NO:5743-28-2Molecular Formula:C12H14CaO12.2 (H2O)Molecular Structure: Physico-chemical properties:White PowderPicture: Specifications 1. Factory direct supply. 2. Reliable quality 3. Fast delivery. 4. Good service. 5. Favorable price. 1.About Calcium ascorbate :Calcium ascorbate, is briefly called Vc-Ca, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and feed, It won't change the original taste of food. It can keep the activity of Vc with the function of replenishing calcium(easy to be absorbed).The quality of Vc-Ca is in conformity with the whole requirements of CP/Usp/FCC.Vc-Ca directly-compression granule is processed with Vc-Ca. 2. packing and storage:Carton: net weight of 25kg packed by aluminium foil with silica gel bag inside for moisture-proof.Carton: net weight of 20kg packed by aluminium foil with silica gel bag inside for moisture-proof. Fibre drum : net weight of 25kg with a sillica gel bag inside for moisture-proof.Store in airtight, no-sunshine, cool and dry place. 3.Specifications :Appearance: White or almost white crystalline powderMelting point: about 190°CSpecific rotation: +20.5~+21.5PH: 2.1~2.6Residue on ignition: ≤0.1%Assay: 99.0%~100.5%Loss on drying: ≤0.15%Heavy metals: ≤10ppmLead: ≤2ppmClarity of solution: clearImpurity E: ≤0.2%Copper: ≤5.0ppmIron: ≤2.0ppmArsenic:≤3ppm Calcium Ascorbate could be added in soup and soup-type foods and supply the calcium without changing the original taste of food and losing physical activity of VC. So it is bifunctional agent in preventing rachitis and scurvy. Calcium Ascorbate features wide use, early development, easy synthesis, less pollution, high efficiency and lower costs. Of our food additives and food ingredients.


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