Fish Collagen

Fish Collagen Product Name:Fish CollagenPacking:25kgs/bagCAS  NO:9064-67-9Molecular Formula:C35H49O29Molecular Structure:Physico-chemical properties:White PowderPicture:Food Grade Fish Collagen is abstracted from fish scales and fish skins, simulating the mechanism of protein digestion in human body and using advanced directed enzymolysis biotechnology. Its protein content is above 90%, having 18 kinds of amino acids, 7 kinds of which are essential for people. Our products are of high protein content, low ash and heavy metal content, small molecular weight, easy absorption and utilization, high biological value, promoting absorption of vitamins and minerals. Our product also can accommodate physiological function of human as directed enzymolysis technology releases a lot of biologic peptides hidden in big molecular collagen.Product Name100% natural fish collagen hydrolysateCAS No.9064-67-9Molecular FormulaC4H6N2O3R2.(C7H9N2O2R)nMolecular StructureN/AMolecular Weight500DA-10000DAProduct AssayNot less than 95%AppearanceWhite powderGradePharmaceutical and food and cosmeticBrandRongshengParticle Size100% pass 80 meshMOQ1 KGApplicationCollagen is eutrophy and easy to keep, collagen peptide can be widely used in manykinds of nutrition, health foods and high-end cosmetics.Function- Collagen can make bones hard and flexible, not loose fragile. - Collagen can promote muscle cell connection and make it flexible and gloss. -  Collagen can protect and strengthen viscera. - Collagen can protect the skin, prevent the damage caused by exposure to the sun. - Collagen can moisturize the skin, maintain beauty, significantly reduce wrinkles, age spots, black spots and etc. - Collagen has many other functions, such as improve immune, inhibit cancer cells, activate cells function, hemostasis, activates muscles, treat arthritis and pain, prevent skin aging and eliminate wrinkles.


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