Sodium Alginate

Sodium Alginate Product Name:Sodium AlginatePacking:25kgs/bagCAS  NO:9005-38-3Molecular Formula:C5H7O4COONaMolecular Structure:Physico-chemical properties:White PowderPicture:ItemSpecification                               NameSodium Alginate food grade ---Alginic acid monosodium saltCAS No.9005-38-3Assay98.0%Moisturewhite or yellowish granular or powderViscosity (1% solution)300 - 500 mpa.sLoss on drying(105oC, 2hr)<15%PH6.0 - 7.5Ash18 - 24%Heavy metal(as Pb)<0.004%Lead(Pb)<0.001%Arsenic(As)<0.0003%Total plate count<2000/gYeasts and moulds<100/gPathogens germsabsence S. aureusNegativePseudomonas aeruginosaNegativeSalmonella spNegativeC. perfringensNegativeParticle size40 meshFunctional useThickenerUsage In the food industry, Sodium Alginate has the functions of stabilization, hydration, thickening and emulsification. In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used as dental impression material, ointment, tablets and their preparation, and hemostat. In agriculture, Sodium Alginate can be used as seed treatment, insecticides and anti-viral materials. It also can be used in resin coating, rubber cream agent, water treatment and so on. As a leading food additives and food ingredients supplier in China, we can provide you with high quality Sodium Alginate.


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