Common name:Monosultap(90-95%TC)
Chemical name:
Thiosulfuric acid-s,s'-[2-(dimethylamino)-1,3-propanediyl]ester disodium
Molecular formula: C5H11NNa2O6S4
Molecular weight: 355.3835
CAS No.: 52207-48-4
Monosultap is a Broad-spectrum insecticide with strong stomach, contact and systemic action as well as fumigant and ovicidal activity. It can control various Lepidopterous insects like Pink rice borer, Asiatic rice borer, paddy borer, rice leaf roller, rice plant skipper, thrips, leafhoppers, plant hoppers, armyworm, beetles, whitefly, cabbage worm, cabbage webworm, striped cabbage AEA beetle, three-spotted plusia, and plant bugs in rice, maize, vegetables, fruit trees, tea, soybeans, sugar cane, and other crops.


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