Sodium Nitrate 99.3%

Yingfengyuan Industrial Group Limited is one of the leading China sodium nitrate 99.3% manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, equipped with professional factory, we are able to offer you best and cheap sodium nitrate 99.3% products.1.Name: Sodium nitrate  Chemical formula: NaNO3  Formula weght:84.992.Property:  (1) ordinary sodium nitrate: white little crystals or light yellow  (2) dry powder sodium nitrate: non-caking, showing loose status.  Density:2.257. It is  liable to deliquesce, dissolved in water,soluble in liquid ammonia,slightly soluble in ethanol and glycerin,Melting Point:308℃. While being heated up to about 380℃,it will decompose and release oxygen and turn into sodium nitrite,as the heating going on, it will decompose into oxygen,nitrogen and nitrogen oxide. It has strong oxidability and can cause conbustion explosion if being mixed with organic substance,sulphur, sodium nitrate etc.    3.Usage:  it has being wildly used in glass industry, dye,dynamite,metallurgy,machinery,ceramic etc.    4.Specification: (Technical Standards:GB/T4553-2002)ItemUnitHigh G.First G.Qualified G.Dry powder G.Assay%≥99.799.398.599.3Sodium nitrite%≤≤0.250.30--0.25Water insolubles%≤0.030.06--0.03Moisture%≤≤0.050.10--0.1Iron%≤0.005----0.005Loose degree≥------955.Package: net 25kg/50kg net each in plasic woven inner plasic bag,or 500kg net each in flexible container.


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