Quenching Viscosifier

Quenching ViscosifierKE-2 (PEG) Viscosifier For Quenching LiquidChemical Formula:  R(C2H4O)X(C3H6O)YHProduct IntroductionPolymer polyether KE series products are a kind of copolymer by ethylene oxide and propylene oxide ,or PAG for short.KE - 2 is mainly used in quenching liquid,with the unique advantages of molecular chain length, narrow distribution, low cooling rate at low temperature,etc.As a high viscosity, water soluble product,the quenching liquid made of KE-2 possess many features,such as adjustable quenching cooling rate, good hardenability, product needs no clean after quenching, less losses taken by quenching liquid , low cost, and can be directly instead of fast quenching oil, etc.In addition, compared with the oil-based quenching liquid,it is fire hazard,non-lampblack,safer and cleaner,considered an ideal choice for modern quenching workshop.ApplicationThe aqueous solution made with 1% - 30% of KE-2 can be widely used for aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and steel quenching. Especially for off-gauge or thin wall parts quenching, it can not only prevent deformation and cracking,but also has a stronger cooling ability.SpecificationItemsTypical ValueTest MethodsAppearanceTransparent Viscous  liquidVisualKinematic Viscosity (40℃) mm2/sReportGB/T265PH value (1% water)7~9PH test paperTurbidity,JTU(1% water、℃)75±2Enterprise standardPacking & Storage The product is packed in 200L metal drum. Store in dry and well ventilated place.


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