Boronizing Phosphorus Amine Ester

Boronizing phosphorus amine esterT3011 Boronizing phosphorus amine esterProduct Introduction T3011 Nitrogen boronizing phosphorus amine ester, is a new type of ashless anti-wear lubricant additive containing boron nitride structure, not only has good oiliness and excellent dispersibility, but also has anti-wear, anti-friction, antioxidant effects.Application A.It is used in gear oil additive package, replacing T406 ,can be very good to improve oiliness, corrosion up to 1 A, liquid corrosion B method without rust, long wear reached 0.42, effectively improves the PB and PD. Completely be applied to synthetic gear oil. B.It is used in ashless anti-wear hydraulic oil additive package, ashless turbine oil additive package, replacing T202 and phosphate,ashless, anti-wear, anti-friction, PB can achieve more than 100 kg, long wear is above 0.40, copper corrosion arrived at 1 A, liquid corrosion B method without rust.C.It is used in general oil additive package, can replace the ZDDP, has excellent anti-wear,antifriction and oxidation resistance, reduces the phosphorus content in the system, really non-zinc, greatly reduces the ash, effectively protects the engine, good energy saving effect. Reference Dosage 0.5%—1.0% Specification ItemTypical valueChemical compositionSulfur nitrogen phosphorus boron structuredensity ( 15.6°C ), g/cm 3ReportFlash point (open),°C170B %0.1S %2.7N %2.1P %1.3Packing & Storage This product should be operated as SH/T0164 during the storage,loading and unloading and oil blending. The highest temperature should not exceed 75 ℃,during long-term storage, the highest temperature should not be more than 45 ℃.This product is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive.In terms of safety, environmental protection and application, it is the same as general petroleum products, there is no need for special protection. Net weight is 200kg/drum.


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