BENZOTRIAZOLET706 BENZOTRIAZOLE 1. DESCRIPTIONThe product is a white to light yellow acicular crystal, slightly soluble in water, and soluble in organic solvent such as alcohol, benzene, toluene, chloroform, dimethyl acylamide, etc., prepared from o-phenylene diamine and sodium nitrite. It provides the lubricant with good antirust to copper and copper alloys; preferable antirust effect on silver and silver alloy; and possesses favorable corrosion inhibition performance.2. APPLICATIONSThe product is used primarily in antirust oil and grease. It also serves as gas phase corrosion inhibitor for copper and copper alloy; silver and silver alloy circulation water treatment agent, etc3. THE AMOUNT USED REFERSThe dosage is from 0.05% to 0.5%.4.CHARACTERISTICSITEMTYPICAL VALUETEST METHODAppearanceWhite or slightly yellow crystalsVisualOil solubilityTransparentVisualWater, m%≤0.15GB/T260Dampheat Test dReportGB/T2361Final Melting Point, °C≥94GB/T617Ash, m%≤0.20SH/T0327Purity, m%≥98Appendix BPH Value5.3-6.3PH test paper* Available on request5. PACKING AND STORAGE The packing, marking, transportation, storage and delivery acceptance should meet the requirements of HG3-119. It is packed in 20 kg/bag. Store in dry, clean and ventilating warehouses.


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真空精密铸造 卖方: 深圳实钛科技有限公司 我们是一家专业生产和出口精密铸造和数控加工的主要材料,主要有钛合金、铝合金、高温合金、不锈钢等特种合金。我们的主要产品包括钛和钢涡轮机叶轮和许多其他类型的机械零件。
卖方: Shanghai Minglan Chemical Co,Ltd
卖方: Shanghai Minglan Chemical Co,Ltd