Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer-A


High range water reducing agent, superplasticizer, early strength agent, dispersant, concrete admixtures 
Product Description:
Appearance: Light yellow liquid
Properties: innocuity, odorless, non-combustible
Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer (PCE-A) is early strength type of water reducing agent with solid content at 40%. The water reducing ratio of 13%~14% solid content PCE can reach to 25%. It has good adaptability with different type of cement & it can improve the early strength type of concrete.
Sodium Contend: 40%
Density: 1.093
PH value: 6.0
Chloride: 0.02%
Sodium sulfate: 2.9%
Total Alkali: 3.2%
Formaldehyde: 0.005%
Main Performance:
1. Suits for different types of cement and acts as good dispersant, especially for early strength cement.
2. The water reducing rate can reach 30% with recommended intermingled quantity.
3. Improve the durability and impermeability of concrete and reduce the contractibility, efficiently reduce the bad effects of crack of concrete.
4. Air content is controlled less than 3.5%. Or you can adjust the dosage according to special requirement.
1. Confirm the best dosage of PCE after testing according to different requirement of concrete.
2. Mix PCE with sand, stone, cement and other material together. The function will be better if you mix PCE with intermingled concrete.
3. Stir the product well before use if the storage is more than 2 months.
Package & Storage:
1. Flexitank & IBC TANK
2. Kept in dry and ventilating place, prevent from rain and moisture.
3. Temperature between 0~30, it won’t have influence on functions and effects. Protection action should be made if temperature is out of this range.
4. The product should be used within 30 days after open.
5. Shelf Life: 12 months.


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