Synonyms:L-Aspartyl-L-phenylalanine methyl ester; Equal; Nutrasweet
Molecular Formula :C14H18N2O5
Molecular Weight:294.31
CAS Registry Number:22839-47-0
Melting point 248-250 ºC
Alpha:15.5 º (c=4, 15N formic acid)
Product Description


Aspartame with the chemical name of Aspartyl phenylalanine methyl ester, is a dipeptide being a combination of L-asparticacid and L-phenylalanine. It can be absorbed by human body completely and is harmless and quite safe to use. It tastes pure, cool and refresh, similar to sucrose however is 200 times as sweet with only l/200 of its energy so eating.

It constantly won' t cause any change in blood sugar levels nor cause high blood pressure or coronary disease. It is defined as sweetener of A (l) level by the Word Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It is ratified for use in more than 130 countries and regions throughout the world. It is widely added to, and mixed in with all kinds of foods, non-staple foods, and all sorts of soft drinks with the number reaching as many as 4, 000.

Sweet pure: The sweet approximate sucrose
High sweetness: 200 times of that of sucrose
Easy to let in water: 20 solubility of 27g
No heat: Don't be in the body metabolism, don't have heat, is fat people and old people diabetes ideal sweeteners
Collaborative principle: When using with other sweetener mixed can produce strong coordination effect, general concentration can increase the sweetness of 20% to 40%
High stability

It's used as a food additive, a new kind of low Calorie, nutritive, intense sweetener.

Gas-filled soft drink Milk;
Non-gas-filled soft drink Beancurd Milk;
Alcohol-contained drink Coffee;
Fruit juice drink Fibre drink;
Fresh fruit juice Yogurt drink;
Hot cocoa mixed drink;
Instantly-dissolving drink;

All kinds of sweets;
Sweet jelly;
Cake Filling Jam;
Nutriment Ice cream;
Nutriment Chocolate;
Oatmeal Moon cakes
Others: All kinds of medicinal preparation

Packing: 25kg carton or cardboard drums net each with plastic bag lining.
Item Specification
Assay(on dry basis) 98.0%-102.0%
Specific rotation +14.5°- +16.5°
Transmittance ≥95%
Loss on drying ≤4.5%
L-a-Aspartyl-L-Phenylalanine ≤0.25%
L-Phenylalanine ≤0.50%
Lead ≤1PPM
PH(0.8% Water solution) 4.5-6.0
Heavy metals(as pb) ≤10PPM
Residue on ignition ≤0.2%
5-Benzy1-3,6-dioxo-2-piperazineacetic Acid ≤1.5%
Other related substances ≤2.0%


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