Product Name: Papaya Extract
Botanical Name: Chaenomeles sinensis Koehne
Part Used: Seed, Fruit
Active Ingredient: Papain
CAS No.: 9001-73-4
Test Method: HPLC
Appearance: Light yellow powder
Grade: Pharmaceutical and food
Botanical Resource: Chaenomeles sinensis or Chaenomeles speciosa
Chinese Name Mu Gua
Family Chaenomeles
Part of the Plant Used Fruit
1. Pharmaceutical Industry:
Papaya extract contains papain is resistance to cancer, tumor, lymphatic leukemia, bacteria and parasite, tubercle bacillus, and inflammation; Papaya extract is good for gall, and they can kill pains and help with digestion.
Papaya extract is also helpful to treat gynecopathy, glaucoma, and hyperosteogeny, heal wounds from gunshots or knife cuts; Identify blood type, and treat insect stings.
2. Food Industry:
Papaya extract is applied for hydrolyzing animal and plant's protein, making tenderizer, hydrolyzing placenta and soybeans, making cracker swelling agent, noodle stabilizer, beer and beverage clarifier, premium oral medicine, health care products, soy sauce, and wine starter.
Papaya extract can effectively convert protein, greatly improve food's nutrition value, and lower cost; Papaya extract is also beneficial for body digestion and absorption.
3. Beauty and Cosmetic Industry:
Add papaya extract papain into protein and grease included cosmetic products can whiten and smooth skin, lighten freckles and remove grease, accelerate blood circulation, improve skin function, and enhance product quality.

Papaya extract papain can also be integrated into diet tea and beauty products growing breasts.
4. Household Chemical Products:
Papaya extract is used in soap, washing agent, detergent, and hand soap;
Papaya extract can eliminate dirt, grease, bacteria, and it is safe to use.

Package and Storage:
Paperboard barrel lined with two-layer polyethylene film bag;
Tightly sealed in a clean, cool, dry area, keep away from strong, direct light.

Shelf life:
Two years under well Storage situation and stored away from direct sun light
Our advantage
Best quality, Competitive price, Excellent service.
Active Ingredients Papain

Product Specification
Papain 50,000 u/g to 3,500,000 u/g or 60TU/mg-1750TU/mg
Papain Coarse-enzyme: >50,000 u/g
Papain Sub-enzyme: > 1,000,000 u/g
Refined Papain: > 2,300,000 u/g
High-activity Refined Papain: > 3,000,000 u/g

1.Medical Application: can help ease swelling, alleviate inflammation, improve immunity, promote digestion and diminish intestinal parasite.
2.Food and food additive: the papain can be made into tenderizer for meat, purifying agent for beer and softener for biscuits, producing dehydrated beans, food for babies, cheese and
3.oncondensing oleo oil
4.Leather Industry: The papain can be made into depilatory for tanning the leathers, making the products smooth and shiny.
5.Cosmetics: The papain can help dispel taches ad pimples, clean you face, promoting the blood circulation, making you skin healthier and tender.
6.Brewing industry etc.
7.The crude papain is used in the brewing industry for chillproofing beer and lager and the enzyme serum is a very excellent for wort clarificant.


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