Gamma-Cyclodextrin is a ring-shaped molecule made up of eight glucose units linked by alpha-1,4-bonds. The annular structure of gamma-cyclodextrin forms a hydrophobic cavity that allows incorporation and solubilization of a variety of organic molecules, while the hydrophilic outer surface makes gamma-cyclodextrin water-soluble.
Gamma-Cyclodextrin can be used as a carrier for flavours, sweeteners, and colours. It is also proposed for use as a carrier for vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids and as a flavour modifier. The estimated three-day average daily intake of gamma-cyclodextrin when used at a maximum level in 19 foods was 4g, and the 90th percentile intake was 7.5g.
1. Appearance: White powder
2. Assay≥ 98.0%
3. Loss on Drying≤ 11.0%
4. Residue on Ignition≤ 0.1%
5. Specific Rotationt +172°~+178°
6. Heavy metal≤ 5µg/g
7. As≤ 1.3µg/g
8. Total bacteria count≤ 1000pcs/g
9. Moulds and yeasts≤ 200pcs/g
10. Escherichia coli: negative

γ-cyclodextrin has greater cavity than b-cyclodextrin, the cavity may include a wider range of subject molecules; it has better water solubility , the water solubility of γ-cyclodextrin is 25.6g / 100ml at temperature of 25 ºC, while the solubility of α-cyclodextrin is 12.7g/100ml in water and the water solubility of b-cyclodextrin is only 1.88g/100ml. γ-cyclodextrin has a broader application than the b-cyclodextrin.
γ-cyclodextrin is mainly used in medicine, R&D industries etc, in chemistry industry γ- cyclodextrin is a valuable chemical reagents. When there is it, the fluorescence intensity of fluorchrome increases significantly, so it can be used for analysis of protein and amino acid; It also can be used to separate long-chain organic compounds and raceme etc. Further more, adsorbent made of cyclodextrin can be used in adsorption of chromatography. It also can be used as a complexing agent and tissue culture agent, it can be used in enzyme activity studies.

As one new kind of pharmaceutical excipient and food additive, CDS is widely applied in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. It acts as stabilizer, emulsion, antioxidant, damp-proofer, rot-proofer, quality-improver, deodorant, odor and taste regulator.

CDS in Pharmaceutical industry applications: As a result of their molecular structure and shape, it posses a unique ability to act as molecular containers by entrapping guest molecules in their internal cavity. The resulting inclusion complexes offer a number of potential advantages in pharmaceutical formulations
1. Improving drug's stability;
2. For preventing from drug's oxidation and decomposing;
3. For increasing drug's solubility and bioavailability;
4. For eliminating drug's toxicity;
5. For eliminating drug's odor smell or unpleasant smell or taste;
6. For solidifying drug's from liquid form to solid form;
7. For increasing drug's target-direction character;
8. For controlling drug's releasing speed.

CDS in Food industry or health care food field applications: CD can entrap guest molecules in their internal cavity, The resulting inclusion complexes offer the advantages in food industry such as
1. For improving stability of food or active ingredients, and preventing from oxidation, light, heat, and volatility, and protecting pigments
2. For conversing food from liquid form to solid form;
3. For eliminating bad smell or taste of food;
4. For Improving the emulsification and foam forming;
5. For forming solid wine or juice powder;
6. For preventing from food deliquescence or being damp;
7. For preventing from food being rot;
8. For Improving the quality of food for long time storage;
9. For being the assistant material in food industry.


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