Product Name: Maltodextrin

CAS No.: 9050-36-6

Description: Maltodextrin is an intermediate product obtained during the controlled hydrolysis of starch. It is product midway between starch and glucose. A white powder and little sweetness, high viscosity into a solution, does not hold water in itself. Our DE is from 10 to25.

Its bland taste makes it inert on other food flavours and colours. It is a good agent to ensure dispersibility in cold water maintaining clarity and eye appeal. It increases the viscosity and prevents caking and crystallisation in the frozen foods such as icecream.

Application: Maltodextrin is widely used in beverage, bakery, confectionary and pharmaceutical industries

Packaging: 25kg/PP-Woven Bag, or Kraft Paper Bag

It can be divided into Maltodextrin with different DE value based on buyers'request.
corn starch deep-processing products: Maltodextrin(DE5-30),Dextrose Monohydrate, Liquid Glucose(70%-85%), Erythritol and Sorbitol.

Product Description

Maltodextrin is a flavorless, easily digested carbohydrate made from cornstarch. The starch is cooked, and then acid and/or enzymes (a process similar to that used by the body to digest carbohydrates) are used to break the starch into smaller chains (3-20 chains in maltodextrin). These chains are composed of several dextrose molecules held together by very weak hydrogen bonds.
Description: White powder or granular white powder, available in a variety of particle sizes and DE* values. Non-sweet, nutritive saccharide polymers composed of D-glucose units linked primarily by alpha-1-4 bonds...* DE = dextrose equivalents, a quantitative measure of the degree of starch polymer hydrolysis. The higher the DE, the greater the extent of starch hydrolysis. Can be used for sweetness moderation. Maltodextrin with a DE of 5 is the least sweet, and is approximately 1/10 as sweet as sucrose. Maltodextrin with a DE of 18 is approximately 1/4 as sweet as sucrose.
Maltodextrins are obtained by the partial hydrolysis of starch whereby the basic polymeric structure is retained. Maltodextrins are water soluble, non-sweet products that are supplied as spray-dried powders. Maltodextrins are defined by the FDA as products having a DE less than 20.
They are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) food ingredients. Maltodextrins are excellent solids builders for standard and low-fat products. They are effective spray-drying aids for flavors, fruit juices, and other hard-to-dry products. They also have a neutral taste.
Characteristics & Applications
Maltodextrins are easily dispersed into water or other aqueous-based systems and are commonly used in consumer products such as dry mixes.
Maltodextrins are used as crystallisation inhibitor. Added in candies and half-soft sweets, it can prevent sweets appearing sand and extend the shelf life. Debasing and eliminating the smell of mutton, stabilizing the alimentation elements, keeping the character and flavor and increasing the quality.
Maltodextrins are used as source of carbohydrate in high-energy drink, especially for athletes. They also are easily digestible carbohydrates for nutritional beverages, which fits athletes training to increase sugar content in musculature and enhance physical strength and eliminate fatigue.
Maltodextrins are used as carrier for spray-drying of active substances.
Maltodextrins are used as diluents in single unit dosage preparations such as sachets. Because of their inherent polymeric nature maltodextrins also make excellent binders for direct compression. Since it has weak sweetness, they're widely used in food processing such as sweets, ice cream, jam, cakes etc., and the flavour of other materials in the products can be improved.
Maltodextrins are used as coating agent in pharmaceutical industries.
Maltodextrins are used as binder since they have a rather high viscosity in solution and good binding properties. If proper amount of maltodextrin powder is added to solid granules or ball candies or white-sugar rice cakes, molding rate is increased and work efficiency is improved.
Maltodextrins are used as stabilizier since they belong to large numerator saccharide, high viscidity and high foam stability. Therefore, it can be used as foam stabilizer in beer making and gas liquor making.
We can produce different products of Maltodextrin to meet different demands of customers.
Maltodextrin DE 3-10: To be packed in 20 kg kraft paper bag each, 15mt per container.
Maltodextirn DE 10-15: To be packed in 25 kg kraft paper bag each, 16mt per container. Maltodextirn DE 15-20: To be packed in 25 kg kraft paper bag each, 17mt per container.


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