Sodium aluminium silicate

Sodium aluminium silicate
1. Alumina and its specialty such as Activated Alumina, High Temperature Alumina,Ultra Fine Alumina,Alumina Abrasive,White fused Alumina,etc.
2. Aluminium Hydroxide and its specialty such as Pseudoboehmite, Aluminium Hydroxide for Toothpaste Filler, Aluminium Hydroxide for Onyx and Marble Filler, Fine Aluminium Hydroxide powder, etc.
3. Aluminium Ingot and Alloy.
4. Aluminium Extruded Products
5. Gallium Metal
6. Zeolite(Sodium Aluminate Silicate) for non-phosphorus detergent filler
7. Poly aluminium chloride, aluminium sulphate
8. Anode paste used in aluminium electrolysis and smelting
9. Calcium carbonate
10. Cement and its special products such as white cement, iron cement, calcium aluminate cement, cement used in oil-well,etc.
11. Clinker
12. Machine parts for gold picking-up in vessel
13. Red mud slag used in steel casting industry
14. Man-made diamond for cutting equipment

Product Description

Aluminum silicate AS881 is a synthetic silicate pure white, in a fluffy powder form with a very fine particle size.
It is mainly used in the coatings Industry as an extender of white pigment, especially for Titanium Dioxide (TiO2),
reducing cost of emulsion and decorative paints. Used as a thickener in paints and anti-misting additive in some printing inks.
-TiO2 extender for satin finish.
- Increased grade of whiteness and hiding power.
- Constant viscosity and pH value during storage.
- Abrasive resistance improvement.
- Gloss control.
- Anti-settling agent.
- Texture Control.
- Good resistance to weathering and scrubbing.
- Inks:
- Viscosity adjuster without affecting tack and yield value
- Reduced misting and strike-through.
- Reduced pigment settling in low viscosity inks.

Product Sodium aluminium silicate Formula Na2o.Al2O3.(2.3-3.2) SiO2.Nh2o
CAS 1344-00-9

Properties Unit Standard
Purity % ≥96
Sio2 % 78.0-82.0
Al2O3 % 11.0-13.0
Na2O % ≤9
Partied size % =1.5
Oil factor g/100g 120-140
Lose on dry % 7.0-8.0
Lose on ignition % 8.0-10.0


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