soluble soybean protein peptides

soluble soybean protein peptides
Soy Peptide was derived from refined isolated soy protein by enzyme
method, As a new functional nutritional additive due to not only its unique
functional characteristics such as dispersibility, water binding ,highly
solubility,but also its physiological activities such as rapid absorbability,soy
peptide may be widely used in food products such as health food, sport
beverage, infant nutritional food, powdered beverage, acidified juice
beverage, peptides fortified liqukd milk ,etc.

Product Description


Product Information:
Appearance: Light yellow powder
Specification: 98%
Used Part: Seed
Type: Nutrition Enhancers
Product Index:
1. Sensory index:
Form powder
Color white or light yellow
Odor odorless
2. Physical & chemical index:
Protein ( dry basis) ≥ 85%
Soybean peptide (dry basis) ≥ 70%
Water ≤ 7%
Ash ≤ 8%
Fat ≤ 1%
Lead(Pb) ≤ 1mg/kg
Arsenic ≤ 0.5mg/kg
PH value 7± 0.5
3. Microbial index:
Total bacteria count ( per gram) ≤ 10000
E. Coli count negative
Pathogens undetectable

A. Soybean peptide is the enzyme production of soybean protein, soybean peptides not only has good nutritional properties, but also has A wide range of physiological functions and than soybean protein is more suitable for processing the application of physical properties, so the soybean peptide is A kind of promising functional food ingredients.
B. Soybean peptides is easy to absorb and nutritional value. Soybean peptide can be used as nutrients of the gut and the flow pattern of food application been recession, digestive function of the elderly patients with stage and immature infants had digestive system.
C. Soy peptide promotes the absorption of minerals. Soy protein containing phytic acid, oxalic acid, fiber, tannin and other polyphenols, can inhibit the human body of calcium magnesium phosphate copper iron and other mineral elements absorption and bioavailability. When soy protein by enzyme solution to generate soluble free after low molecular material, soybean peptide, the polyphenols can remove along with penetrants, becoming low phytic acid content of protein material. At the same time, the soybean peptides have combined with calcium and other mineral elements of active genes, but with metal ions, aojiang synthetic soluble state of organic metal chelating peptide, thus promote the absorption of mineral elements.
D. The effect of soybean peptide promotes fat metabolism. Soybean peptide can accelerate the body fat metabolism, for athletes to increase physical fitness, reduce weight food, lose weight is good food at the same time.
E. Soy peptide can enhance athletes muscles and fatigue. Eating soy protein peptide group of athletes muscle, reduce graft faster than not drinking soy peptide, so the effect of soybean peptides have accelerated muscle fatigue.


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