Sodium polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate
Flocculants may accelerate the separation of red mud and the suspension in sodium aluminate solution, link the small disperse red mud particles into floccules, the settlement speed will be highly accelerated.
It can be used again during washing tank for the purpose of accelerating the settlement and catching up the demand of clear effusion.
*High flocculant capacity, fast and steady flocculant process. Forming small, firm and cut bearing floccules.
*Low underflow W:V, low content of suspended matter, wide application, and strong volatility resistant capacity.
Packaging and Storage methods:
Sodium Polyacrylate isstored in plastic drum. Net weight is 25kg. It should be stored in acool and ventilated place. The storage period is 10 months

Product Description

1. White powder /paas
2.polymer sodium polyacrylate
3.Molecular weight : (20--25)million
4. Free sample

Technical instructions :(paas)




White granule or powder

Purity (%)


Molecular Weight(million)


Dissolution Time(Minutes)


Viscosity(0.2% water solution, mPa.s)


PH Value (0.1%)


Applications :

PAAS is a kind of frequently used dispersant, besides used for water treatment, it is also extensively used in
papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing industry as sizing agent dispersant, in ceramic industry as calcium
carbonate dispersant, in paint industry as pigment dispersant etc


PAAS can be used as scale inhibitor and dispersant in circulating cool water systems in power plants, iron & steel factories, chemical fertilizer plants, refineries and air conditioning systems. Dosage should be in accordance with water quality and equipment materials. When used alone, 2-15mg/L is preferred. When used as dispersant, the dosage should be determined by experiment.

1. Water treatment agent: flocculant

PAAS flocculant is especially applied to the caustic soda and sodium carbonate industry's brine refinement,
in aluminum oxide production's red-mud settlement and separation, monosodium glutamate factory's
protein recovery from waste water, sugar industry and so on.

2. In oil field
Works as detergent additive in detergents; plugging agent in oil-field; soil humectant in agriculture;
drug carriers in pharmaceutical; controlled release agent in fertilizer industry; superabsorbent agent in
baby napkin and sanitary napkins, etc.

Product Description

Productname: Sodium Polyacrylate A3318
Anionic flocculant
A Product of Xitao Polymer Co.,Ltd.
XT3318 is a low molecular weight sodium polyacrylate supplied as a free flowing granular powder.
Principal Uses
XT3318 has found application in red mud solid-liquid separation, waste water treatment, drilling, superplastisizer etc.
Dosage depends on application but normally lies in the range 5 200 g/tonne of dry substrate
Low dosage
Fast dissolving
Typical Properties
Appearance : white powder
Mesh size: 20max
UL Viscosity, CPS: 2.5-3.5
Solid content: 90min.

Application & Storage
Recommended solution concentrations:0.1%
Self Life
Recommended storage periods: 2 years from receipt of goods
Stock solution 24hours
Storage of polymer should be in a cool, dry place.
Details on preparation and feeding can be obtained from Xitao sales representatives
XT3318 is supplied in 25 kg kraft bags, 25*40/pallet.
Technical Service
Advice and assistance in the running of laboratory and plant tests to select the correct flocculant and determine the best application as per test report presented.
Health and Safety
A3318 has a low order of oral toxicity and does not present any abnormal handling
problems. Detailed information on handling and any precautions to be observed in the use of the product(s) described in this leaflet can be found in our relevant Safety Data Sheet.


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