Zinc methionine

Zinc methionine

1. Quality Specification:
Zinc methionine
This product is chelated by DL-methionine and zinc sulphate, has the following characteristic:
1. Resulting from the reaction of a mole of zinc ion to two moles of methionine, with high chelate percentage, completely electric neutrality and the greatest stability.
2. The bioavailability is high, and the nutrition effect of zinc will be better.
3. Don't be affected by pH value, inorganic ions and organic macromolecules in digestive tract.

[Guarantee value of component analysis]
Item Ⅰ Ⅱ
Zinc methionine [(C5H10O2NS) 2Zn] ≥50.0% ≥95.2%
Zinc( Zn ) 10.0±1.0% ≥17.2%
Methionine (C5H11O2NS) ≥41.0% ≥78.0%
Chelate percentage ≥90.0% ≥95.0%

【Recommended dosage】
Add 200g-300g of Ⅰzinc methionine per metric ton of compound feed.
Add 100g-200g of Ⅱ high purity zinc methionine per metric ton of compound feed.

25kg / bag (PP woven bag with PE bag inside) for Ⅰzinc methionine
15kg / bag (PP woven bag with PE bag inside) for Ⅱ high purity zinc methionine

【Shelf life】
Twenty-four months from date of manufacture for the unbroken packages under dry conditions at room temperature.

2. Main Function:

2.1Intaking both methionine and organic zinc, can effectively prevente and treat incomplete keratinization disorder of animal skin, prevent of mother-trotters crack; Also can significantly improve the messy and rough phenomenon of pig's fur and make the fur shinning, sparse and neat.

2.2To improve palatability, increase feed intake and growth rate, improve immune function, and prevente and control diarrhea.

2.3To improve the survival rate of fetuses and piglets, and enhance the ability of disease resistance, which will make the production performance better in the late.

2.4To improve reproductive performance and use life of dams.

2.5To improve the hematopoietic function, which can make fur of the farmed animals bright and carcass quality and meat better.

3. Scope:

To all the poultry, livestock and so on.

4. Usage:

Application Object



Plus this product 150 ~ 300g per ton of complete feed during the period from borned 7 days to 30KG

Plus this product 300 ~ 400g per ton of complete feed

Aquatic animals
Plus this product 200g per ton of complete feed(


5. Package and Storage:

5.1 20KG/BAG, 10KG/BAG.

5.2 Please seal it tightly in cool and dry enviroment.


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