Tea Polyphenols

Tea Polyphenols
Product Description

TP(Tea polyphenol)
Is in tea catechin, acetone, phenolic acids and flower pigment the floorboard of the compounds

1: Anti-cancer
2: The prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Reducing blood fat, prevent liver and coronary atherosclerosis
Reduce blood press
Regulate blood sugar level
The prevention and treatment of stroke

3: Improve the comprehensive immune ability
By regulating the activity of immune globulin, indirect improve human immunity, resist rheumatism factor comprehensive capabilities, antibacterial, antiviral effect
An allergy and skin allergy reaction

Relieve stomach tension, anti-diarrhea and diuresis
To promote the absorption of Vc, prevention and cure scurvy

4: Other health care treatment efficacy
Anti lipid peroxidation, prevent aging
The heavy metal resistance of solution of the salt and alkaloid poisoning
Prevent radiation damage, reduce adverse reactions of radiotherapy
Methods the role of permanent tooth and remove bad breath
Digestion function

Help to beauty
Tea polyphenols is water soluble substances, wash your face with it can remove facial fat, convergence pores, with disinfection, sterilization, resist skin aging, reduce the ultraviolet ray in sunshine radiation damage to the skin effect and so on. Tea polyphenols can block ultraviolet light and clear free radicals induced by ultraviolet (uv), in order to ensure the normal function of the melanin cells, inhibit the formation of melanin. At the same time to inhibit lipid oxidation, reduce pigmentation.
CAS No:84650-60-2
Appearance: Green Tea Extract Powder 100% Nature and competitive prices Green Tea Extract Powder Specification: TP 50%-98%, EGCG 45%,90%,95%, Caffeine 20%

Product Name: Green Tea Extract
Specification: Polyphenol 50%~98%
EGCG 15%-95%
Appearance: Brown yellow powder
CAS NO: 84650-60-2
Molecular Formula: C22H18O11
Molecular Weight: 458.38
Test Method: HPLC
Part Used: Leaf

What is Green Tea Extract?

People have used tea leaf as drink from West Han Dynasty. Drink tea has been a good habbit of many chinese people that they can hardly leave it anymore. Green tea extract is more effective than tea drink in functions that manufacturers extract each ingredient with different producing technic such as EGCG, ECG, and tea polyphenols.

Physical Properties:
Features: A pure compound extracted from green tea extract, is believed effectively for anti-oxidation and anti-aging.
Solubility: Soluble in water, ethanol, methyl alcohol.

Main Functions:
A. Application of tea polyphenols in the industry of medicine.
Tea polyphenols can protect easy-oxidant in the body from oxidizing through oxidized itself to made cellular activity normalize. For example, the excess of free radicals can induce sorts of diseases, however, TP supplies lots of protons, which combine with free radicals to prevent from diseases. Having been proven by a large quantity of studies and clinical practice in academic and medical field, TP possesses effects on: Reducing blood sugar and curing diabetes; Reducing blood lipid concentration and preventing cardiovascular diseases; Anticarcinogen; Detoxicating, antiallergy, antiradiation and deodorization.
B. Application of tea polyphenols in food industry.
The fat in food is easy to oxidize itself to produce free radicals. Tea polyphenols can supply lots of protons, which combine with over 98% of these free radicals, thereby stop next chemical reaction and protect the fat from further oxidizing. Therefore, tea polyphenols are ideal natural refill of BHT. The fat content in fried foods is normally about 20%. If the fat is fried under high temperature, it is quite easy to oxidize and degrade. Having added tea polyphenols of foods can double their shelf life, even further prolong. Tea polypennols also is proved to have a good anti-oxidative effect when the meat food is cooked with water contained 0.1% of tea polyphenols.
C. Application of tea polyphenols in the industry of daily chemicals.
In general, most cosmetics contain oil, wax, hydrocarbon and surface active agent, all that easily react to oxygen in air and produce peroxidant, acids, aldehydes etc., and to made shin inflammation, discolor and stinking. Tea polyphenols is not only an excellent anti-oxidant of fat, also shows the effects of curing inflammation and itch, recovering wound, improving blood capillary tenacity. Furthermore, ea polyphenols can absorb ultraviolet rays and reduce the formation of melanin to protect skin from freckle and senile plaque.
D. Application of tea polyphenols in beverage industry.


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