Calcium lactate

Calcium lactate
Molecular Formular: C6H10CaO6·5H2O
Molecular Weight: 308.3
CAS NO.: 814-80-2
Appearance: White granules or white powder with a little efflorescence.
Organoleptic Character: odorless and moderate flavor.
Solubility: It can be easily dissolved in hot water (5%), but not in inorganic solvents.
Character: It has high absorption rate and good solubility, so it can be easily absorbed
Application: It is widely used in the fields of food, beverage, medicine, etc., and also be used as strengthening calcium source added into dairy products.
Standard: It conforms to the requirement of FCC, USP and BP.
1. Calcium lactate is a white crystalline salt made by the action of lactic acid on calcium carbonate. It is used in foods (as a baking powder) and given medicinally. Its E number is E327. It is created by the reaction of lactic acid with calcium carbonate or calcium hydroxide.
2. Calcium lactate is odorless white granule or powder and can be easily dissolved in hot water but not dissolved in inorganic solvent.

1. Calcium lactate is often found in aged cheeses. Small crystals of it precipitate out when lactic acid is converted into a less soluble form by the bacteria active during the ripening process.
2. In medicine, calcium lactate is most commonly used as an antacid and also to treat calcium deficiencies. Calcium lactate can be absorbed at various pHs and does not need to be taken with food for absorption for these reasons.
3. Calcium lactate is added to sugar-free foods to prevent tooth decay. When added to chewing gum containing xylitol, it increases the remineralization of tooth enamel.
4. It is also added to fresh-cut fruits such as cantaloupes to keep them firm and extend their shelf life, without the bitter taste caused by calcium chloride, which can also be used for this purpose. [2]
5. It is also found in some over the counter (OTC) mouth washes.

Items Specification
Assay 98.0-101.0
Loss on Drying 22.0-27.0
Chloride ≤ 0.05
Sulfate ≤0.075
Fluoride ≤0.0015
Water-solubility Test Qualified
Free Acid and Free Base Test Qualified
Volatile Fatty Acid Test Qualified
Iron Salt ≤0.005
Magnesium and Alkali Metal ≤1.0
Heavy Metal ≤ 0.002
Lead ≤0.001
Arsenical ≤ 0.0002


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