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Commodity: Calcium Lactate

Molecular Formula: [CH3CH(OH)COO]2Ca@H2O

Molecular Weight: 218.22(Anhydrous)

Property: White granules or powder, no foreign odor; Easily soluble in hot water, insoluble in organic solvents

Specification: DL-, L+, 98%-103%, food grade, pharmaceutical grade

Usage: Calcium lactate is smelless white granular or powder and can be easily dissolved in hot water but not dissolved in inorganic solvent. It is produced adopting fermentation process using biolocal engineering technology with starch as raw materials. Nutrition fortifier for calcium, buffering agent and raising agent for bread and pastry, It is easier for absorbability as hardening agent. It can prevent calcifames as drug.

Description:White crystalline powder, none peculiar smell, mild efflorescence, mix random with hot water; ethanol、aether or chloroform indiscerptible.
Specification Sheets: L- Calcium Lactate、DL- Calcium Lactate
Application: Calcium Lactate has high solubility and bioavailability, and the mouth feel is good, the content of impurity is little, so it is a fine calcium source, used extensively in beverage, food and medicine. Furthermore as an excellent, it can be used in jelly, chewing gum to stabilize and fortify the gal. Used as an additive in the smashed meat of sausage and banger, can increase the stickiness, reduce the lost in cooking, keep the meat juicy and savory, maintain color and structure, fortity calcium nutrition and improve bacteria inhibiting capability. As curing and embrittling agent, it can be used in fruit packing, vegetable machining and storage to reduce the lost of condensate, increase the brittleness.


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