L-lactic acid

L-lactic acid
L (+) lactic acid
Product Description

L(S)-2-hydroxypropionic acid (L+Lactic Acid)
1. Molecular formula: CH3CHOHCOOH
2. Molecular weight: 90.08
3. Appearance: Colorless to yellowish liquid
4. Specification: Food grade, tech grade, pharmaceutical grade.
5. Uality Standard: ISO9001-2008
Accord with GB 2023-2003

6. HS Code: 29181100

1. Food industry. Mainly used for food, beverage as sour agent and taste regulator, called absolutely safe food additives.
2. Pharmaceutical industry: Lactic acid lactic acid is a kind of important pharmaceutical intermediates, used for producing erythromycin Lin's fluid infusion.
3. The cosmetics industry: Can nourish skin; Keep wet agent, update, pH regulator, acne, to ChiGou agent,
4. Pesticide industry: Lactic acid high biological activity of soil and crop, non-toxic, can be used in the production of new pesticide.
5. The tobacco industry: Moderate join lactic acid, can improve the quality of tobacco, and maintain the humidity of tobacco.
6. Other industries: Besides above purposes, lactic acid is used to produce biodegradable plastics, poly lactic acid and green solvent - lactic acid methyl ethyl lactate, etc.

80%, 85% content, liquid

It is a transparent to slightly amber liquid with a mild taste widely used as pH corrector and preservative in the food industry.

It is registered in Europe as a food additive with the reference E270. In the USA, lactic acid has the status of GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).

Lactic acid is used by the food industry (as a natural preserving agent), by the pharmaceutical industry (as a vector of indispensable minerals or as injectable solutions), by the cosmetic industry (as moisturizing agent) and for numerous other industrial applications. It is the raw material used for producing PLA.


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