Methyl salicylate

Methyl salicylate (wintergreen oil )
CAS No.: 119-36-8
EINECS: 204-317-7
MF: C8H8O3
Purity :99.5%min
Appearance: Colorless or slightly yellow oil liquid
Usage: It can offer effects of pain-ease and be used in joint/muscle pain-ease plaster, tincture and oil agent. Besides it can be used as solvent and intermediate pf insecticide, bactericide, polish agent, anti-copper agent, flavor, food, cosmetics, toothpaste, coating, ink, and fiber mordant.
Package: 25kg per cardboard drum or bag
Storage: Sealed, kept in dark, dry and cool place.

It is also named methyl salicylate, colorless to pale yellow liquid, it has special smell of herbs, it tastes sweet and spicy, its melting point is -8.6ºC, boiling point is 218 ~ 224 ºC (part of it will decompose when boiling), it is topical rubefacient for external use.
It has topical stimulating effect which can promote topical blood circulation, it can topical or local inunction can produce stimulus reactions including blood vessels, skin color turning to red, it also has reflex effects on the corresponding parts of the skin, muscle, nerve and joint and plays role of swelling, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and relieving itching.It can be used to treat sprain, contusion, low back pain, muscle pain, nerve pain and itching.
It is widely used in many industries. It can be used as spice of food, toothpaste and cosmetics, stop pain medicine, pesticide, polish, printing ink etc, heat carrier in Printing and dyeing industry, it also can be used as a solvent, preservative and disinfectant.


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