Vetivert oil

Vetivert oil
CAS No.: 8016-96-4
EINECS: 282-490-8
Appearance: Brown to reddish brown viscous liquid
Usage: It is used as ingredients for many perfumery products.It is also used as a component of various medicines.
Package: Packed in 25kg/paperboard
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and keep away from direct strong light

Vetiver oil is extracted from the Roots of the (Vetiveria zizanoides) plants. lt is now clear that vetiver roots are one of the most widely known perfumery materials in India. The distillation is done by steam distillation in stainless and the apian stainless steel unit by boiler operation for reducing the time period and getting better oil recovery of high boiling constituents present in the roots. The vetiver oil improves the odour of oil substantially after keeping it in copper vessel for a period between 2-4 months against north Indian vetiver oil. It has a woody and earthly scant .
The perennial aromatic plant belongs to family Gramineae or Poaceae. It is known for highly valued essential oil obtained from their roots. The Vetiver plant is native to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh., Ceylon and Malaysia. In India, two types of essential oil produced i.e. North Indian type and South Indian types. North Indian oil has better perfumery value than South Indian type due the odour value and chemical constituents. The plant is about 2 to 2.5 meter tall, grows long along the road side fellow spaces and railway tracks which provides possibilities for utilization of waste lands. It may survives in water logging as well as drought conditions.

CAS No.:8016-96-4

Einecs No.: 282-490-8

CoE: 479


Appearance: Pale yellow clear liquid

Odor:The Vetiver oil has an earthy, musty smell - reminding that of a damp forest floor.


Refractive index @20°C: 1.521 ~ 1.526
Specific gravity @25°C: 0.995 ~ 1.005
Typical rotation @20°C: 17°~ 46°
Solubility @20°C: 1:4~10 V/V soluble in 80% ethanol


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