Bromo-triazine (FR-245)

Introduction:FR-245(Bromo-triazine) is a kind of flame retardant containing bromine and nitrogen. Advantage: High thermal decomposition temperature,Website:,high UV-Resistance,high light permanency,transfer resistance,high effective,smoke suppression,Good compatibility with resin,low impact on base materials.Index:Formula:C21H6Br9N303Molecular weight:1067Appearance:White powderBromine content:> 67%Melting point (mp): 230℃Nitrogen content: > 4%Water:≤ 0.1%Volatile:< 0.1%Specific gravity:2.44Comparative advantage:1. FR-245 makes up for the disadvantages of DecaBDE such as low light permanency and easy yellowing. And also makes up for the disadvantages of DBDPO which is hard pass ROHS testing,it`s upgrading and updating of DecaBDE.2. FR-245 has better whiteness compare to DBDPE, lower performance impact to impact resistance and fluidity of ABS, HIPS and PBT.3. FR-245 makes up for the disadvantages of TBBPA such as low temp resistance and surface blooming,moreover the TBBPA is prohibited to use in some EU Contories.Green Peace Organization of Swiss always appealed to prohibit TBBPA.Application:As flame retardant,FR-245 has good thermal stability, light stability and Weather fastness,no toxic gas released,meanwhile it has good melt index, high surface gloss and high Flame retardant efficiency, moreover it can improve the mechanical performance of product. Widely used in ABS, HIPS, PET, PBT, PPO, PPO/HIPS, PC and PC/ABS etc. Also be used in rubber and thermosetting resin.Packing and storage:Net 25KG/ paper bag with inner plastic bag, stored in dry and cool place. Transported as a common chemical.


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